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10 Common Mistakes That New Parents Make

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New parents mistakes
Your bundle of joy has finally arrived and you cannot help yourself stop gazing at your little creation lovingly. Someone has aptly said, “When a child is born, a mother is also born”. With the tiny, frail life in your arms, you swear you will toil harder to provide all comforts to your baby and not let despair touch him. With this in mind, most parents exhaust themselves. Hold on! Most parents make mistakes, if you do not believe it, think about your parents! However, time is to turn towards smarter parenting and avoid the common mistakes most new parents make. Read below

10 Common Mistakes That New Parents Make

    1. Thinking too much: This is the time that you may need advice from elders and surprisingly you will find them calm when your baby throws up. Seeing your little life in this state definitely gives you a jolt, but it’s important to realise that these are little babies they don’t even know how to swallow. It will take some time few months perhaps to get accustomed to swallow things. Occasional bouts of spitting milk out should not be panicked much about. Stop panicking about whether the bowel is normal. There is no need to think and over-think on whether your baby is having enough food. Or whether the baby cries too little or too much. Do not fret on situations just like that.
      TIP: Relax! crying does not always implies that your baby needs something or is feeling uncomfortable and that you should act pronto! Sometimes babies stop crying on their own, do not fuss over. Do not let these worries get in the way of admiring the little beings’ most important phase!
    2. Comparing: Not only for academic or extracurricular achievements, parents tend to compare their babies to ascertain whether they are progressing “normally”. We scroll through the innumerable web pages, trying to collect more information about baby’s development and behavior. Even if we successfully manage not to compare our baby to others, the average benchmarks set on by other parents and family members become the source of comparison.
      TIP:Remember that the growth of each baby differs and every baby will achieve development milestones at his or her own pace

Common mistakes of parents

    1. Neglecting the partner: Of course, the new life needs your maximum attention and time, is suddenly chucking the marital relation out of the window wise? Even if you are not ready for the intercourse, lighting up the candles, setting up the mood and cuddling with your partner will keep the much needed romance ignited between the you two. And the more connected you are tp each other, the more connected you will be with the baby.
      TIP:Take out time for your partner. Allow him to help, if he wants to in taking care of the baby. Do not underestimate him. Make him feel important too
    2. Creating long-term habits: Yes, you may be instilling habits in your baby which cannot be easily broken as he grows. Not letting the baby cry it out – as parents tend to think that crying indicates they have done something wrong. Feeding the baby while putting on the cartoon, rocking him in the lap to sleep, breastfeeding till he sleeps etc. are some habits which condition the child. By conditioning, an association is established. Now your baby will find it difficult going to sleep if he is not rocked in the lap, for instance.
      TIP:Try to minimize such pacifiers. Let the baby cry it out. Do not feel pressurized to be a perfect parent – there is no such thing as that!
    3. Setting a rigid schedule: Most parents try to discipline the child right from start. “Early to bed, early to rise” is the principle which influences the parents. Setting up a schedule to sleep, feed and play is very common. But what you need to realize is that most of the time is spent sleeping by the new born. If you go by the rule of feeding every 2-3 hours, then the result will be a cranky baby who is repeatedly waken for feed.
      TIP:Be flexible, ensue sufficient feed when your baby is awake and let him sleep peacefully. And do let him enjoy as well – he is a baby after all!!
    4. Confusing the baby with baby talk: You may notice that when you talk to your child, you temporarily hold the attention of your baby. There may or may not be eye contact and your baby may even respond to your baby talk by smiling or making guttural noises. What most of us miss that our little babies start processing language quite early than we anticipate.
      TIP:Speak, short and clear instructions to your baby, it will make it easier for him to understand and process
    5. Weaning early: Most doctors suggest breastfeeding the baby for at least six months. The mother’s milk is the best source of nutrition for your baby. Some mothers are eager to get back to the pre-pregnancy figure or in the hurry of feeding semi-solid food to the baby. In the wake of these desires, the baby is being deprived the nutrition.
      TIP Follow the doctor’s advice on breastfeeding and go slow on losing baby weight

Let the baby cry

    1. Ignoring oral hygiene of the baby: No teeth, no cavities, hence no germs. Makes sense though! But the truth is, your baby is growing teeth and therefore care should be taken. As soon as the baby starts to take in food, there is every chance that the baby can develop oral problems.
      TIP:You may wipe the gums of your baby simply using a wet gauze. To ensure strong teeth, let your baby sip on water post feeding. Fluoride, which is a component in water is essential for this
    2. Not trusting others for help: It is quite likely to be obsessed with your new born baby and letting him out of your sight can make you really restless. But you need to realize that your body has already been traumatized due to labor and delivery. You need rest too. When your parents or sister-in-law offer to take care of the baby while you want to go for a relaxing spa noon.
      TIP:Just say yes! They are experienced and as human nature permits they are likely to be more attentive to other’s assets
    3. Not differentiating between warm baby and feverish baby: An infant who is under 3 months must be taken to a doctor if the body temperature shoots up above 100.4 degrees. You might feel that the baby is just warm, and will advocate self medication, but actually, this calls for an emergency. An infant’s immune system just cannot handle any infection on his own.
      TIP: If you feel that the baby is warm, take the rectal temperature. If it reads above 100.4 degrees, call your pediatrician immediately

Enjoy Parenthood

It’s not necessary to labor around your baby all the time. Slowly, entrust others with baby care. Take time to steal a nap. Best, to sleep with the baby. As you seriously take the daunting task of parenting, do not forget to cherish those happy moments. Celebrate birthdays, your baby’s first step, first words etc. The mantra is happy mother, happy baby!
Parenting is a demanding task and requires new parents to be on their heels all the time. The key is to be informed, less fussy and trust your senses in raising your baby!
Parenting mistakes

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