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15 Basic Manners Your Child Must Learn

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If you are being accused of raising a spoiled brat then as parents, you must know that it’s not your child’s fault. Children are innocent and what they do cannot be reasoned with any bad or wrong intentions. Everything they do is picked from someone or somewhere else and anything is not judged by your kids, they are in such a stage where learning takes place without knowing if it is good or bad. Their impressionable minds quickly process and adapt the surroundings- they learn and unlearn things in a very short span of time.

In the hustle and bustle of a busy life, parents often postpone teaching their kids right and wrong things to tomorrow, and though it seems easy, children outgrow the “tomorrows” and develop habits that are difficult to change. Some basic manners must be inculcated in children from the very beginning to avoid nasty conflicts later on.

Good manners always help your child to socialize and get appreciation from others. If your child displays good manners it helps him to be acceptable in the longer run of life. So it is important for you to teach him some basics of manners. We have listed 15 of them to start with:

  1. Teach your kids to use these two of “Thank You” words as much as he can, they should say thank you while receiving things and if someone offers them help.
  2. Please tell them to say “please” when they want something done or have to ask for something.
  3. Greeting others with a “hello” or a “Namaste” will cheer up someone else when your little one says it with a smile.
  4. Teach your kids to answer in a positive manner and ask back when someone asks them “how are you?”.
  5. Never let them talk with mouth full of food.

    A Child Picking His Nose Can Be Embarrassing to Parents

  6. Ask them to not use their hands while eating food and take small bites. Basically your child should be aware of table manners and follow them.
  7. Teach your kids to not interrupt others while they are talking.
  8. Teaching your kids to knock on the door and not enter before getting any response might save you from lot of troubles; don’t forget that.
  9. Teach your kids not to use foul language; you should avoid using it too.
  10. Make sure that your kids do not tease pets and hurt them.
  11. Make them cover their mouth when they have to cough or sneeze.
  12. Teach your kids to wish others “good day” when they meet them.
  13. Make them use a napkin. This piece of cloth can be used to wipe mouth, sweat, and many other uses. Kids should always carry a napkin.
  14. Teach your kids no not throw snarl remarks on others physical appearance; also teach them to appreciate things as they are.
  15. Teach them to pray.
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