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15 Habits To Be Kicked Off When Planning A Baby

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Kick off habits when planning a baby
When you think of becoming a mother it becomes your responsibility to provide the best in terms of baby’s physical and mental growth. Below are top 15 habits which you must kick off when you plan for a baby:

  1. Avoid Stress: If you take too much of stress, it can affect your chances of conceiving easily. A stressful mother will not be able to offer good, health to her baby. Stay away from all negative feelings and think positive if you want a healthy and happy baby
  2. No smoking: Smoking is absolutely very dangerous for the baby as carbon monoxide, nicotine adversely affect the growth of baby’s organs. Smoking is also considered to cause premature delivery
  3. Say no to alcohol: If you are convinced with the researches which say alcohol may be consumed occasionally during pregnancy, you are not doing anything good for your baby. Doctors always advise expecting mothers to stay away from wine, beer or any other kind of alcohol
  4. Lack of sleep: Are you in habit of sleeping less? If the answer is yes then you must know it may increase the chances of developing high blood pressure in you, during pregnancy. When you are planning a baby, plan at least eight hours of sleep for yourself. Proper sleep also helps to get rid of stress
  5. Junk food: Once a baby enters in your life (when you conceive), burgers, pizzas, cold drinks, cake must go out of your life. A successful pregnancy demands lots of necessary nutrients and vitamins which you cannot get from the junk food. For better health of baby in future, get ready to switch to green leafy vegetables, fruits, dry fruits etc.
  6. Over exercising: You cannot spend half your day at Gym once you conceive. Neither can you jog endlessly or do heavy exercising. In fact once you get pregnant you must not do any exercise without consulting your doctor. Too much of exertion caused by exercises may lead to miscarriage some times
  7. Limit your caffeine intake: Experts says you may consume 200 mg of caffeine a day when you are carrying a baby in you. Avoid taking too much of coffee, soft drinks and other beverages containing caffeine. Excess of caffeine intake can give rise to infertility
  8. Keep stress at bay

  9. Less sugar: Consuming too much of sugar during pregnancy increases your chances of becoming diabetic in future. Anyways sugar and salt in excess are never considered as good for health. Eating too much of sugar during pregnancy may cause a sweet tooth in your baby as per one research
  10. Drugs: If you are addicted to any of the illegal drugs, the chances of premature delivery and miscarriage in your case increases. You may give birth to underdeveloped child. So decide to quit first from this habit and then think about being pregnant
  11. Beware of prescription drugs: If you are on any kind of medication and have been taking C, D or X category of prescription drug, you must inform your doctor and ask him for safer alternative during pregnancy. Studies say these drugs result in fetal abnormalities if taken during pregnancy
  12. Use of mobile and laptops: When sticking to these two, always ,can give you neck and back pain, unseen rays from these gadgets may not be good for your baby. Limit yourself with the use of mobile and computers and focus on book reading or walking or yoga
  13. Too much of rest & sleep: Unless your doctor has asked to take complete best rest, it is not good to be at resting phase always when you are pregnant. Do not get exerted but be active physically .The more active you will be the more positively it affects your baby
  14. Big No to tobacco: There is nothing good in tobacco for you but if you are still in habit of chewing it kick it off right away. It can cause severe damage to your baby affecting his growth
  15. Say bye to negative thinking and your fears: If you are among those who are always busy in assuming situations to negative, stop doing it. Also say bye to all your fears. These may leave negative impact on baby’s brain
  16. Always eating out: Homemade food is safer for you and your baby when you are pregnant. Those ladies who only depend on outside food must get rid of this habit
  17. Baby on mind

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