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Are You Ready For A Second Child?

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In the olden era, for most women, planning children was like “let the crumbs fall wherever they may”. The necessity of planning things out with your husband, and considering needs of your body was not in most women’s checklist some years ago. Today, we have many ways to keep gaps between our babies. It gives us a choice to plan next baby, as per our will and convenience. A second child can be planned back to back or after a gap of three or four years or even after a large gap of many years. Every situation has it pros and cons. Before planning a second pregnancy, you should prepare a check list in your mind or on a piece of paper, listing everything that is important in child planning. This list should include financial, physical and mental preparations required for planning a second child.
It should be seen that your social and financial status is strong enough to support two babies and you are physically and mentally ready for “Raising the baby” process all over again. The importance of being financially secure cannot be reasoned with anything else. Having a baby is not just a motherly feeling it comes with responsibility of an individual on you. You as a mother, and your partner should be able to provide everything to both your children. You should have enough to support for your children’s education, health care, living space in your house and their other basic necessities. Financial security will ensure that none of your child is deprived of anything.
The other most important step to plan a second or third or fourth baby is consulting your physician. Your health is a top priority in planning a baby. You should be physically healthy enough to raise another baby, so that the baby’s health in you can be ensured. It is healthier for the mother to wait for at least two years after the prior birth of her first child. It is ideal if the gap between two babies is of minimum 2 years and maximum 5 years.
When planning a second baby your age is also an important factor, as the risk of reproductive problems increase with age. If you are about to step in your 40’s you should know that, with the planning of second child the risks of genetic and inborn disease are also increased. You may also have more trouble while delivering your child. There are less chances of a normal pregnancy and you may have to go through long labour.
Planning children also requires some mental preparation. Be prepared in this way too. You should prepare your mind for it. The benefit in planning a second child is that you have experienced this once and you have more knowledge and information. You wold know a lot of signs and symptoms and will also have some realistic expectations. Mental readiness also includes your ability to love both of your children equally.
A sibling is the best gift you can give your child. When you have everything in place and you are financially, physically and mentally prepared then don’t wait to give your child a best friend for life.

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