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Baby Care During Winters

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Winter Care For Babies

Winter Care For Babies

Sneezing, coughing, dry skin, chapped lips are common among babies during winters. Infants and toddlers need lots of care during the chilly season of winters to keep them warm and safe. A strong immunity system helps body to fight against disease – wash your and your baby’s hands often- that’s where all the cold and flu viruses generally reside! Breastfeeding a baby at least for initial six months leads to development of better immune system, so this gives you another reason to breastfeed her. In toddlers, a healthy diet which includes all the necessary minerals and vitamins does the same work. Cold and flu’s are a part of winters; there is no fool proof method to stay away from them, but below precautions will definitely help.

Indoor care

  1. Bath time: The most crucial time during winters for babies is the bathing time where they may get easily affected by cold. Follow these tips to prevent your baby from cold during bath:
  • Try to give her bath in the room which is warmer than other areas of the house. Close all the windows or door while bathing her to make sure the cold breeze does not enter the room.
  • Use a bath tub for bathing her inside the room (instead of giving her a bath in bathrooms). As you take her out from the tub, immediately wrap her in a soft towel to dry her body. Dry her hair first and apply moisturizer all over the body. You may use a room heaters to keep the room warm while dressing her after the bath.
  • The idea behind giving her a bath inside a room is to avoid exposing her to sudden temperature differences (that is temperature in the bathroom and changing room).
  1. Skin care: A dry skin is a sign of winters; chapped lips are common in cold weather. Keep applying moisturizer or baby cream after every two hours on your baby’s face and body. Use lip balm specially made for baby lips to treat cracked lips.
  2. Massage: Massage her at least twice with good oil (mustard oil is best for winters) to keep her skin smooth and shinny.

If the baby has begun crawling or walking, make sure that her play area is covered with carpets and rugs.

Outdoor care

While stepping out, cover the baby with layers of clothes so that you may add or decrease clothes as per weather for the whole day. Cover her ears especially to avoid cold and cough problems. Keep extra mittens and booties along with her suit when you go out. Maintain proper hygiene so that the baby does not get infected. Try not to take your baby to crowded places where chances for getting infected are more. Also avoid going out with baby when it’s chilled outside, especially towards evenings when the breeze even makes us adults shiver with chill.

Despite of all these, babies are likely to get sick during winters which is a part of growing up, so do not get upset, just take good care of your baby.

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