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Baby Milestones – Sitting

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Baby Sitting
As your baby moves towards progressive months, she would achieve one or the other milestone. You will be amazed to see her development each month. Between the ages of 4-7 months most babies can sit for a few minutes without support. Their back and neck muscles by now become strong enough to keep them straight while sitting. They gain control over their upper body. Once the baby figures out where to put her legs to avoid toppling, she’d put all her effort to sit independently thus gaining a whole new perspective for the world.

How Does Sitting Develop?

A baby learns to raise herself up balancing her body weight on arms and knees first. Slowly, she tries to fold her legs for sitting position and voila!! She is sitting!! She would love to roll over on stomach, moving her hands and legs like she’s swimming. You may also help your baby in achieving these milestones. Gently hold her legs in a V-shape giving her the much-needed balance and support. Give her sufficient tummy time. Have her lie down on stomach and allow her to move her hands and legs freely. She will try to prop herself on arms as if she’s getting ready for push ups. One the baby is sitting on her own, it is but just a matter of time that she will start crawling and standing. Babies! How fast they grow!

When Does A Baby Learn To Sit?

The milestone of sitting independently is a gradual process. Let us understand how babies learn it month by month:

    1. Between three to four months: During this period, she learns to hold her head up and look horizontally while lying on the tummy. She starts putting efforts to achieve the sitting position

Sitting with support

  1. Between five to six months: During this period she will be able to sit but with some support. She may sit on her own but only for a few seconds. You need to be very careful and should not leave her alone. A fall is very much possible so keep the area cushioned up with pillows for support. Your baby’s primitive reflexes will disappear now, and she will gain control of her body movements. She would begin to try reaching for toys, and put them in her mouth. Do not worry, this is just a baby’s way to explore the world
  2. Between seven to eight months: Most babies can sit up by eighth month without support. They learn to turn around while sitting to pick their toys or any object. They roll down to their stomach and return to the sitting position again. Her hands will become free and she would work towards reaching anything in her vicinity

If your baby lags when it comes to milestones charts, do not get worried as different babies have their own way and timings for everything. If the baby becomes nine or ten months old and is still not able to sit, you should speak to your doctor once. Once she learns to sit on minimum support and is able to keep her head steady, feeding her solid foods can also be considered.

How To Encourage The Baby To Sit Up?

You may help your baby to learn how to sit. Giving your baby sufficient tummy time is a huge must for her proper development. To motivate her put some toys a little away from her so that she tries to grab them. As she moves her head up, her hands and shoulder movements increase, all this aims to strengthen her muscles which help to sit. Help her to sit, clap when she succeeds. Show your happiness to her and appreciate her efforts. Once she learns to balance herself, she will try to move forwards or backwards on all fours – and no wonder, the crawling days will soon begin. She is very curious, and wants to explore the whole world, and her mobility grants her access – to some really not-so-safe places. Make sure you house is childproofed!
Helping your baby sit
When she sits, you may keep a colored book in front of her with lots of animals or fruits and read the names for her by pointing out to the pictures. Not very long, she will start recognizing these. When asked where is the tiger? She will respond with some vocal indications and point out to its picture. You must enjoy this phase to the fullest with your baby and should capture these moments for the future.

When To See The Doctor?

Though milestone charts are not a Bible to follow, yet spotting developmental delays is an important aspect of parenting so that any problems can be effectively diagnosed and treated. When it comes to sitting, you should see your pediatrician if your baby cannot hold her head up and steady by the time she has completed 4 months of age. The baby should be able to sit by the time she is 9 months old, failing which, a pediatrician should be consulted. Sitting is the key to all other abby milestones, hence it is important that your baby learns to sit independently by the time she is 9 months. However, milestone charts for premature babies should be mapped from their due date of birth, and not the date they were actually born.

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