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Bible Games For Kids

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The much-awaited Christmas season has almost arrived at our door. We can already hear the bells ring and the can see the Santa Claus is coming around with lots of gifts and the ultimate Christmas- New Year Holidays. This is the time when all the kids get to enjoy and cherish the holidays as much as we can. Apart from all the fun and cakes, Christmas brings with it lots of games and amusements. If you people have already started your preparations for the Christmas season, don’t forget to add these fun-filled amazing games to your party.

bible games

Here are the top 8 Bible Games for Kids and Bible Trivia Games Free.

Top 8 Bible games for kids

1. Verse Hunt

In the verse hunt game, you can double the fun you are going to have at your Christmas gathering. This game is another version of the regular Verse Hunt game, but here there aren’t any regular characters but the characters from the Bible. You can divide your group into teams and can act out and let the other teams guess the correct character. The team with the highest score wins through this Bible Game for Kids as well as for adults. Verse Hunt is a famous Bible Trivia Game as well.

2. Bibleopoly Game for Kids

Bibleopoly is a Bible Trivia Games Free game where you can have fun without many types of equipment, it is an awesome board game. The makers of Bibleopoly claim that it is a game “Where co-operation and not accumulation is the key here you can only win by assisting the fellow players.” Be the first player to build a church in one of the biblical cities to be the winner.” Go play this game and have fun with your friends.

3. Bible Pictures N Fun Game

Pictionary game has always fun for kids. If you want your kids to learn more about the Bible, then this game is for you. This Pictionary game related to the Bible is full of creativity and spirituality. You can not only boost your creative side but also the spiritual side by playing this Pictionary game. You just have to split your group into teams of two and let the Pictionary game begin.

4. Dance Praise 2 – The Remix. 

This Bible Trivia game is what you need to have fun onboard. All you need is to dance on the top songs of some famous Christian singers. The kids will love your idea of adding this game to the party. You can buy this super pack for your super kids from Amazon. com. It has over 50 plus songs from many famous Christian singers.

5. Disappearing Words Game

In this amazing Bible Games for Kids, you’ll love having fun filling the blanks between alphabets. It is a simple and entertaining game. It covers different easy topics from the Bible. Kids love this game as it is easy to understand and is very entertaining. Also, the games help in increasing the knowledge base of the kids.

6. Ring the Bell Game

Ring the Bell Game is a must game to play during the Christmas holidays. You just have to prepare a bunch Bible lesson questions and divide your friends into two or three teams. Give each team a bell and ask a question and the team who ring the bell first is the winner after 10 consecutive questions.

7. Truth and Dare Game

Truth and Dare is an amazing, Bible Game for Kids. It is a fun game to play when at a Christmas party. It is a kind of true and false game where each child has to tell two stories about themselves, one that should be true and one that is false. The group has to guess which of the stories is false. This is a funny game that makes you laugh out lour.  This is an amazing Bible Trivia Game Free.

7. Name That Hymn

When it is the Christmas season how can’t it go without the chanting of the hymns? Name That Hymn is one fun game full of joy where one person counts the alphabet from a to the point where you stop him or her and the alphabet where he or she or stopped is the alphabet from which your Hymn would start. Enjoy this amazing game with your kids.

8. 20 Bible Questions

In this fun-filled game, you have to answer 20 back to back questions related to the Bible. So, gear up your Bible knowledge before the Christmas season comes in. Also, this game comes into both the categories, Bible Games for Adults as well as Bible Games for Kids. Different sites provide bible quiz questions and answer. Choose ones that are age-appropriate for the participants. You can also go for printable versions for the convenience. Here we provide you 20 bible questions with answers which is appropriate for kids under 10 years.

  1. Q: Through what did God speak to Moses in the desert?
    A: A burning bush
  2. Q: How many sling-throws did it take David to hit Goliath?
    A: One
  3. Q: Who was David’s son that started a rebellion against him?
    A: Absalom
  4. Q: Who did Isaac favor of his two sons?
    A: Esau
  5. Q: Who was David’s son that became king?
    A: Solomon
  6. Q: Name the Israelite who saved her people from being murdered and was a wife of the king?
    A: Esther
  7. Q: Name Jesus’ hometown.
    A: Nazareth
  8. Q: What is the shortest verse in the Bible?
    A: John 11:35 Jesus wept.
  9. Q: What is the longest verse in the Bible?
    A: Esther 8:9
  10. Q: How many books are in the Bible?
    A: 66 (27 books in the NT and 39 books in the OT)
  11. Q: What were Peter and Andrew doing when Jesus’ called them to follow him?
    A: Fishing
  12. Q: How many brothers did Joseph have?
    A: 11
  13. Q: What garden did Jesus go when he prayed after the Last Supper?
    A: Garden of Gethsemane
  14. Q: Which Roman Governor sat over Jesus’s trial?
    A: Pilate
  15. Q: Name the person who received the 10 Commandments from God?
    A: Moses
  16. Q: How many requests are in the Lord’s Prayer?
    A: Seven
  17. Q: In what language is most of the Old Testament given?
    A: Hebrew
  18. Q: In what language is most of the New Testament given?
    A: Greek
  19. Q: Name Noah’s three sons
    A: Shem, Ham, Japheth
  20. Q: What was God’s sign to Noah that he would never destroy the earth again?
    A: A rainbow

Some Last Words

All of us want to enjoy the Christmas holidays with the whole family with full pomp and show. These are some of the top bible games for kids. With these games, you can easily enjoy the holidays with your whole family and loved ones. So, gear up your Christmas preparations and enjoy the festive season all decked up with bells, sweets, Christmas trees and these fun-filled games for sure.

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