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Bike Safety For Kids Every Parent Should Be Aware Of

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Bike riding is always fun and one of the best ways to get independent. Riding a bike is also a form of exercise which means it improves the health and fitness of your children. But it is also very important to keep in mind that it is a vehicle and not a toy to play with. It is thus, essential for all the guardians to give at least some basic tips to their kids before buying them a bike and before letting them go on the road to ride a bike on their own.

Bike Safety For Kids Every Parent Should Be Aware Of

In this article, we shall discuss some of the crucial bike safety tips for kids that must be ensured at each stage of them riding it. So, let’s get started!

Why Is Bike Safety So Important?

Bike riding not only makes our children independent but it is a great form of exercise which transforms the whole personality of our children. It also helps children maintain a good physique and remain fit. If we talk about the United States, in recent years the usage of bicycles is increased because people want to cut the cost of the fuel which is also beneficial for our environment.
With the increased rush of bikes on the road, it has become vital to remember the key importance of safety. We must have to follow the rules of the road while riding the bike. Need to pay more attention to traffic lights and must need to obey them. And another thing we can do is to give hand signals while changing the lane if you are riding on the road.

A Few Bike Safety Measure For Your Kid’s Safety

  • The first thing is we have to be sure that your seat, handlebars, and wheels are secured tightly in place. If not, accidents are easy to occur.
  • You have to be sure that the bike is working properly and the chain must be oiled properly, to make sure that the wheels move smoothly.
  • Check the air pressure of the tiers, and make sure that there is no tear or air leaking.
  • Also, just make sure that the bag pack straps, shoelaces or anything else do not get caught anywhere on the bike.

Why Should Kids Wear A Bike Helmet?

Ask your kids to make a habit of wearing a helmet while riding a bike. It not only protects their face but also protect their head from brain injuries and concussions if they fall down. Set a rule for them to wear a helmet every time they ride if they are even going for a short ride. Teach them these following rules:

  • Always make the child wear a helmet of their size, don’t wear oversize helmets because it won’t be able to protect him properly at the time of any miss happening.
  • Always go for a helmet that covers their forehead entirely, as it is one of the areas where injuries are most likely.
  • Do not wear a helmet only for the sake of traffic rules. Wear it for your child’s safety, and so make sure that you chose the perfect one.
  • Never wear a hat under the helmet, as it may end up causing more damage to your child.
  • You can add some reflective stickers on their helmet, and on the front and rear of the bike so that drivers can see it in the dark.

What’s The Right Bike For A Kid?

Right Bike For A Kid

Kids love bike riding as it makes them fit, active, healthy and also offers some much-awaited independence. We all know that kids never stay the same size that is why choosing the right size for the bike is a big challenge for their guardians but it is also crucial to being able to ride a bike safely and with full confidence. The most important thing we can do is to make sure that your kid is comfortable with the bike that you are purchasing for him/her. Don’t force them to choose a bike that they don’t like because being a kid they can change their mind once you get them back home. Also, don’t go for a better-looking bike if it means compromising safety.

What Should My Kid Wear When Riding The Bike?

  • Always make your kid wear nice and bright colored clothes while riding a bike. This is because wearing easily recognizable clothing act s like a sort of reflector on the bike. It is easy for drivers to see the rider on the road.
  • Another important thing you need to worry about is to not wear loose clothes or clothes with any kind of lace or fringes. This is because the cloth has a high chance of getting stuck in the bicycle chain. Obviously, this will spell trouble, especially if the little one is on the road.
  • One of the most important things when riding a bike (particularly for beginners) is to have a good grip. Bicycling, mountain climbing, horse riding, holding something without dropping it; they all require a good grip. This is why shoes or sneakers are greatly recommended when riding a bicycle, as heels (wearing them when you’re not bicycling is enough of a headache!), flip-flops or sandals might be very uncomfortable and the child won’t be able to secure his/her feet.
  • Now, this might be something you already figured out, but whatever you do, do NOT wear headphones when biking, and don’t let your children wear them, either. Especially with loud music blasting through it. As you probably guessed by now, this is because they won’t be able to hear the honking of horns, warning them of their imminent demise 😉

It is good to make our children independent, but safety also comes with independence and plays a more crucial role. To instill a habit in your children to stay safe, always follow the traffic rules and take every precaution which helps them to stay safe. It is the duty of every parent to give more focus on their children’s riding skills and restrict them from doing anything wrong. And most importantly, make sure your child KNOWS why you are so particular about traffic rules. While it is not wise to scare your child with horror stories, it is even more unwise to leave them oblivious to the dangers surrounding them.

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