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Are Blackberries Safe During Pregnancy?

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Pregnancy is that phase in a woman’s life which, among other new experiences, makes her crave for foods that she absolutely loves and even those that she might never have had or completely detests. However, you need to take extreme care in what you eat/drink. While the three trimesters are filled with advice from all those around, it’s best to strictly follow the advice of the doctor to the T. Make sure you know what you are allowed to eat and how they help you stay safe and healthy during those wonderful yet crucial months.
Pregnant woman eats blackberries

  • What Are Blackberries?
  • Are Blackberries Safe For Pregnant Women?
  • Health Benefits Of Eating Blackberries During Pregnancy

What Are Blackberries?

Rich in fibre and Vitamin C, blackberries are small fruits in size composed of tiny pockets called drupelets. They are often referred to as aggregate fruits because they are not real berries. They are soft, juicy, black in colour, sweet and sometimes slightly tart in taste, and were often used as cure for mild infection and venomous conditions in ancient Greece. Blackberries have a unique taste and sometimes the very thought of it can make you crave for it during pregnancy. The big question however is, whether they are safe for pregnant women?

Are Blackberries Safe For Pregnant Women?

The good news is—yes, you can enjoy blackberries when you’re expecting but make sure you wash them thoroughly to remove any traces of bacteria, parasites or other harmful pesticides stuck to it that may otherwise lead to birth defects and complications like food poisoning during pregnancy. Avoid stale berries which tend to develop mould that can cause abdominal pain and food poisoning. Fresh blackberries are super fruits that can improve taste and ensure a healthy pregnancy. How? Here’s a look at how blackberries are super fruits for pregnant women.

Health Benefits Of Eating Blackberries During Pregnancy

    • Helps develop fetal brain: Blackberry is a natural source of energy and prevents fatigue, particularly if consumed in the later stages of pregnancy. Many women swear by the fruit as it provides natural doses of energy. This is that stage when pregnant women constantly feel run down physically. It’s low in sodium and fat (two things that are a complete “no-no” during pregnancy) and aids fetal brain development. You can comfortably help yourself to about 5 servings of the fruit every day
    • Keeps constipation at bay: Constipation is one problem faced by most pregnant women – and it makes one uncomfortable and sluggish. Blackberries provide approximately 21 percent of the recommended daily allowance of fibre. This in turn aids digestion and promotes easy and effective absorption of water in your intestines. Regular consumption of the fruit can keep your digestive system healthy
    • Prevents birth defects: Blackberries contain about 10 percent of the recommended daily allowance of folate, a highly vital nutrient that prevents birth defects and miscarriages. What’s more, regular consumption of this super fruit can also prevent cardio vascular and other defects during birth
    • Improves bone health: Being a rich source of calcium and magnesium, blackberries strengthen your teeth and keep your bones strong during those crucial months. Not just that; the mineral and nutrient content in the fruit keeps your baby’s bones strong as well and ensures its appropriate growth and development. One fruit-twin benefits!!

blackberries in pregnancy

  • Prevents excessive bleeding: Blackberries are a rich source of vitamin K which promotes blood clotting and prevents excessive bleeding during pregnancy. Its vitamin content aids quick healing as well and aids in preventing osteoporosis
  • Keeps cancer at bay: Micronutrients in blackberries prevent the growth and spread of malignant cells and safeguard you from the harmful effects of cancer. Anthocyanins and phytochemicals in the fruit inhibit the growth of tumours—another reason why it must definitely be on the daily list of fruit intake during pregnancy
  • Promotes a healthy heart: Anthocyanins in blackberries promote a healthy heart. Its fibre and magnesium content prevent the arteries from getting blocked and ensures smooth blood circulation. So, to prevent the risk of heart attacks, strokes or any major heart ailment and keep the heart healthy and happy, blackberries are a must for pregnant women

There’s no doubt that blackberries are not just super fruits but magic fruits as well for pregnant women. While you include rice, whole grains, eggs, beans and yoghurt in your regular diet, don’t ignore the fruits, especially the berries—the black ones. Avoid picking the berries from bushes directly unless they are your own. Make sure they are washed carefully and completely clean and fresh when you consume them. Enjoy the delicious taste of berries and let them work to make your pregnancy a healthy one.

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