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7 Must Read Books For Dads To Be

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Pregnancy and parenting can be really overwhelming for men. It is totally an unfamiliar area and everything from childbirth to taking care of a baby freaks out many new dads and dads-to-be. Once you realize you are going to become a father, you go through a whole lot of feelings, anxieties and discover that your life is going to change completely. The idea of becoming a father can be quite frightening and hard to conceptualize. A good way to cross these barriers is by reading some of the books for expectant dads. Given below are some wonderful books that will help you breeze through your role as a first time dad.
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7 Best Books For Daddies To Be

The following is a list of the 7 popular books for dads that if read in completion, these books will really help any dad to be more involved during pregnancy, be a great help during childbirth and be like a valuable rock during the vulnerable phase of postpartum and taking care of the newborn.

  1. The Expectant Father: Facts, Tips And Advice For Dads-to-be
    Author : Armin A. Brott and Jennifer Ash
    This book is a must read for all dads. It provides you with all the valuable information you ever needed to know about pregnancy and life after the arrival of your precious darling. This lovely book offers you all the details that are included in the various chapters that describe each month in detail. They also include ideas and useful tips on how to look after your wife, how to plan your finances and most importantly how you can manage your family and work together once the little one enters your life. They also have ideal suggestions about baby names and even some simple recipes that you can try out without any hitches
  2. the expectant father

  3. Dad’s Pregnant Too
    Author : Harlan Cohen
    This is one guide that tells you all about pregnancy, delivery and important aspects of parenting during those initial days. Written in a very lucid language that is easy to comprehend and can be read quickly, the book deals with umpteen aspects of pregnancy and parenting that includes your sex life during pregnancy, getting ready for the great day to receive your little darling, shopping for your baby, baby’s weekly development and growth guide and so on and so forth. An excellent pick for dads and something that you will keep reading till you reach the end
  4. dads pregnant too

  5. The New Dad’s Survival Guide
    Author : Scott Mactavish
    Straightforward and exactly like what it sounds, this simple book offers you a whole range of advice on how to survive during those initial days when your baby has just entered your lives. The book provides insight on how to tackle various issues including sleep deprivation, sex, baby poop and many other interesting aspects that may be quite new to you once your baby arrives. This book is sure to help first time dads in a big way
  6. New Dads survival guide

  7. Show Dad How
    Author : Shawn Bean and Parenting Magazine
    This great book is a treasure on parenting and is filled with useful information especially for brand new daddies. It is indeed a must buy if you are a first time daddy. A beautiful book that will keep you turning pages right to the end with lots of interesting topics that you wanted to know
  8. show dad how

  9. Pacify Me
    Author: Chris Mancini
    One lovely book that helps men how to tackle the whole lot of responsibilities that are brought along with being a dad for the first time. The book prepares you on what to expect during delivery time and parenthood and is just ideal for young dads who tend to panic when fatherhood is thrust on them. Quite a wonderful read and has lots of insight that is extremely useful for men
  10. pacify me

  11. Geek Dad
    Author : Ken Den Mead
    This is a wonderful read that will help even the most terrified and geekiest men to pass through that first year of parenting with flying colors. They have a lot of wonderful insights that ensure a beautiful parent baby bonding that is something vital for every parent. You get a truckload of information on how to deal with those never ending cycles of pooping, feeding and putting your little one to sleep
  12. Geek Dad

  13. Dad’s Expecting Too
    Author : Harlan Cohen
    Another parenting guide that has plethora of information for first time daddies. It is ideal to help you get mentally prepared to face that lovely and apprehensive journey of fatherhood right from delivery to the initial days of parenthood. This book is surely a must read for both dads and even moms too. They have a lot of interesting stories, tips and advice that touches all aspects of birthing, apprehensions and joys that parenthood brings with it. Quite a good pick if you happen to be looking for an interesting book for dads
  14. dads expecting too

Hope these popular picks will interest you and provide you with necessary information to prepare for fatherhood. Do make sure you read at least a couple of them that will surely help you breeze through fatherhood without any hitches.
If there are any recommendations on books for expectant dads from you side please let us know in the comments section below.

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