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Child Care : Old and New Ways!

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The child is the most precious gift of God making him the center of attention for the entire family. The parents as well as the grand parents want the best of everything best the newest addition and it should be done in the best possible manner. Still, at times, there is a difference of opinion among the family members on various issues.

With the fast changing pace of today’s life, many things have changed drastically. A huge gap is finding a place between the trends of the modern day society and the “old school” thoughts – though are still carried along with much conviction.

Here are 6 important myths that continue to prevail in our society with no scientific reason:

1. Regular massage for the baby – As soon as the child is born, the grandmothers usually instruct to start giving him massage everyday and it is rigorously followed by the mothers. But the doctors these days believe that body massage does not help the child except in making him sleep. However, many people still advice massaging a baby since it is believed the baby’s muscles get strengthened up.

2. Eating high-fat food after the baby is born – It is the most common belief of our society that the mothers should eat a very nutritious  and rich diet during and after the pregnancy. But the doctors believe that 9 Kg weight gain during pregnancy is for the child and anything after this is going to the mother. After a caesarean, a mother should be very cautious of her diet and should not eat very oily food.

3. Follow home remedies – According to the traditional thought, it is believed that visiting a doctor for every small problem is silly and there are certain well tried home remedies that can help the child in a big way. But the doctors believe that these remedies can at times aggravate the problem in the child if the parents fail to diagnose it correctly.

4. Kohl (kajal) is good for eyes – It is a well established myth in Indian society that the kohl helps the eyes to grow bigger and wider and it should be applied twice a day, specially the one made of almonds. But the doctors say that it does no good to the child apart from making the child look messier.

5. Tying black thread around the waist and neck – It is a widespread custom among a lot of Indian families to make the child wear a black thread around the neck or waist for reasons best known to them. The origin of this custom is based on some superstitious beliefs which the doctors do not approve generally.

6. Not giving child regular bath – While most people believe that the child should not be given regular bath for the fear of catching cold, most doctors advise a bath for the baby, even on the very first day unless it is an exceptional case.

The parents today do not essentially go by the family beliefs and values but prefer to follow what the doctors think is best for their babies.

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