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Choosing The Right Hospital For Birth

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Choosing the Right Hospital is important

Special care and attention is required for pregnant women. While daddies and mommies-to-be make sure they pick out the best of baby names, clothes and toys for their little one, they often fail to realize the importance of choosing a good hospital or healthcare provider for the delivery. It is always advisable to choose a good hospital well in advance; as it ensures that you and your baby get immediate medical help and attention if such a need arises. Here are some tips that you may find useful while planning a hospital birth:
1. Choosing a hospital: There may be many hospitals and maternity homes in your area and your doctor might advise you on which one to choose; but it is best that you check them out yourself before finalizing one. You can visit them with your partner and ask them about their policies and check out the kind of accommodation they offer. It is necessary to make sure that the hospital you choose has a policy and facilities that you are comfortable with. You should choose a hospital with skilled paramedical staff and the latest medical equipment and facilities so that you feel reassured in case of an emergency.
2. Clearing out any anxieties: Hospital rooms seem unfriendly, dull and boring. This environment of a hospital might frighten you, so it is best that you clear out any anxieties that you have with your doctor beforehand. You can add some homely feel to your room, by placing flowers, books, pictures, etc. to create comfortable and relaxing surroundings for the new mommy-to-be. The other thing that concerns people about a hospital is the lack of privacy. In such a case, you may try to book a private room and also focus on good medical care for yourself and the baby.
3. Get your finances in order: It is necessary that you get your financial affairs in order beforehand because having a baby involves quality care which comes at a cost. Medical bills may run into tens of thousands of rupees depending upon the type of hospital and healthcare provider you are going for. To avoid any last minute confusion, you should check out your hospital’s expenses in advance and be prepared accordingly. A normal birth generally costs lesser than a C-section. Your doctor will probably tell you beforehand the type of birth you are likely to have. So, it is best that you be prepared for it financially. Be sure to consult your doctor about any extra expenses that you might have to incur in case of any medical emergency.
4. Packing your bags: While taking care of all the big things, you may forget to do the smallest and most useful of all the tasks i.e. packing your bag for the hospital. It is necessary that you pack the bag beforehand to avoid last minute rush and confusion. Make sure you put all the important things like maternity clothes, toothbrush, comb, soap, napkins, medicines, previous and current medical records, your baby’s clothes, nappies, feeding bottles, list of all important phone numbers and of course mobile phone chargers, so that your friends or family members do not face problems in communicating with you.
With the above tips, we wish you have a safe and happy delivery!

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