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Is it safe to move furniture while pregnant?

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Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful times of a woman’s life. This is the time when a woman tries to take utmost care of her and avoids putting herself into any risks or complications. Yet, mishaps might occur due to silliest of reasons like moving around furniture or lifting heavy items. So, in today’s article we would know if it is safe to move around furniture while pregnant or not.

  • Is it safe to move furniture while pregnant?
  • Things to consider before moving furniture during pregnancy

Is it safe to move furniture while pregnant?

Well, pregnant or not, a woman has to carry on regular chores even while pregnant. But, experts have unanimously agreed that lifting heavy things or shifting furniture is not a good idea during pregnancy.
Is it safe to move furniture while pregnant
Mostly because, hormonal changes during pregnancy make one’s ligaments and connective tissues looser that increases the chances of injury, muscle pain or strain. Apart from that, as the pregnancy progresses, the increasing body weight and the shift in the center of gravity of your body can make one lose her balance. Thus, even a slight shifting of furniture might cause you harm and might make your body more prone to strains and injury.
So, for now, leave all sorts of weightlifting tasks and furniture shifting to someone else. However, if it’s an unavoidable task, than consider the following safety tips before moving around your furniture.

Things to consider before moving furniture during pregnancy

Every woman differs from the other. Everyone has their share of unique experiences while they are pregnant. Similarly, different women’s take on moving furniture during pregnancy is different. However, with all due respect to various differences, one must consider the following points before moving around furniture;

1. Consider your medical condition and the health

Before you decide to move around furniture or lift heavy things, take into consideration your medical health and the way your pregnancy is being. You need to seek your doctor’s advice before moving around furniture in case you have developed the following pregnancy related conditions,

  • Gestational diabetes
  • Twin pregnancy
  • Placental abruption
  • Family history of premature delivery

Moreover, due to increasing hormonal changes, backache and back related problems are quite common during pregnancy. So, if you are already suffering from any back problems during pregnancy, then avoid moving furniture as it might just worsen the condition. Apart from that if your reports reflect weakened cervix, chances of preterm labor or a history of preterm labor; you must refrain from such physical activities. And lastly, before shifting around your furniture, make sure that you get a thorough check up done by doctor and work as he advices.
Furthermore, carrying a baby in your womb is already putting a strain on your back, so carrying extra weight might just expose your back to further straining. Apart from that, if you are already at a risk of preterm labor, lifting heavy things might just give you your contractions right away.

2. Understand how much weight is ok to lift while pregnant

You may be one of those lucky ones who have an absolutely healthy pregnancy, but there are always limits when it comes to moving furniture and lifting heavy items. Refrain from hauling around heavy furniture as your pregnancy advances. Until the 20th week of your pregnancy, you can carry up to 50 pounds of weight only if you have no complications. And until 30th week, its safe to carry items weighing 25-50 pounds occasionally. But by the time you reach your ninth month, you must avoid even the occasional shifting of furniture and avoid all the possible straining physical activities.
Is it safe to move furniture while pregnant
However, for those who are already facing various medical conditions, taking as much rest as possible should be considered as the gospel truth. You must avoid lifting or shifting any furniture in your second trimester itself. Although during the first trimester, occasional shifting of items weighing around 30 pounds is fine. Because it’s never wise to put oneself and the baby’s life in risk for such a trivial thing.

3. Understanding when to stop moving things during pregnancy

One may be totally fine with an absolutely smooth pregnancy, but it’s always wise to prepare oneself for the worse. Whatever your medical condition is, refrain from shifting any sort of furniture in third trimester. However, a better recommendation would be to stop moving around heavy furniture right from the second trimester to avoid any mishap. Though, a little pushing and hauling of furniture is considered ok only if you are not getting breathless and strained. Please remember that this condition is ok only when the furniture is not heavy.

4. How do I lift things while I am pregnant?

While pregnant, body finds it difficult to maintain its balance due to changing centre of gravity. Hence, when you are planning to move furniture, make sure that you adopt the following healthy measures to do the same,

  • While picking up any object, one must bend over their knees, not their waist.
  • It is vital to keep your back as straight as possible while bending on your knees, and pushing upwards using your legs.
  • Avoid making jerking movements or sudden movements while shifting any furniture during pregnancy.
  • Do not over-exhaust yourself, do your work slowly and peacefully not in a hurry.
  • Last, but not the least, always support your back with your hand whenever you are lifting or shifting any heavy item. Also, while rising up or getting try and hold on to some support to maintain the required balance.
  • Wearing a maternity belt can also give you extra support and make carrying and shifting items much more comfortable.

In a nutshell, avoid moving furniture while you are pregnant. You can always ask your family, friends or your partner to do the job for you. If not, then there are a lot of professional services available in the market that provides moving and packing services for the entire household.
However, in absolutely unavoidable situations, just keep the above tips in mind. Apart from that, stop moving any furniture in case of discomfort, strain or abdominal pain. Also, do not forget to consult your doctor about the same.
And last but not the least; it is always wise to inform a friend before you start to do any physical exhaustive task, so that they may reach you in case of emergency.

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