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Kindergartens engage kids in preschool activities through which a child can be made to learn a lot of things while having fun. It continues till he/she completes their playschool. This way you can make them learn the basic things like rhyming, oral skills, confidence and creativity, along with developing social skills and becoming friendly. Kids learn about confidence building activities, how to play in teams, manners, sharing, language and communication and other things. Since it is very difficult to keep a toddler busy as they outgrow their toys and other interests very soon. Also, overwhelming competition also calls for a child’s grooming in initial stages only.

These are fun filled activities through which your toddler starts learning important lessons of life like winning or losing, making friends, socializing emotionally and physically, holding a pen, handling a book and many other exciting activities. Kindergarten approach is all about letting your little ones to have fun and along with it some learning too. Giving them dough and let them make chapattis on their own, is one of the most challenging activities which your kid will surely love. They start with the basic colours and let them recognize those colours. Every time when you give them gems to eat, ask them which colour they need. This will make learning easier and faster. They may go for wax colour (generally preferred), give them a blank sheet let them draw and paint whatever they want initially for few days. The kindergarten approach is not to interrupt the little ones or guide them in the beginning, instead let them be creative and see the world as they choose to. Gradually they can be asked to make a line or square or any shape, drawings of fruits etc. This will also tune up your toddler to stay away from you, from a few hours a day initially to entire days. Kids also learn social skills like greetings, manners, and develop interpersonal skills as well. They will also be introduced to the concept of sharing, caring and loving others beyond their parents. They learn to eat right, and speak clearly. New words are added and new sentences are learnt. Expressions are also developed, and from simply crying they will now learn to express their emotions with faces and words both!

Try creating kindergarten environment at home which allow your kid’s imagination and creativities cross all the boundaries. Let them play in water and mud with their friends or siblings. It will help in developing various skills like cooperation, sharing, team work etc. Do not wait for preschools to teach everything to your child. You may also help in their learning process at home .But remember whatever you are trying, should match the kid’s mental and physical state as per age. Do not try to pressurize them with anything which is beyond their capability. These days so many attractive toys are available in the market with alphabets and numbers written on them .They can be used to make your kid recognize the numbers and alphabets. Role play is another good way of making them learn things fast.

Sending your toddler to a kindergarten can be both relief packed and scary. Your little angel has barely been able to understand a bit of your directives, and is at his cutest stage ever. Separation from you might not be desirable for him, and he might feel being let off. However, as a parent, you need to handle this situation carefully, keeping in mind the baby’s development and emotional juggle. He has just become familiar with words, and still resorts to crying and wailing when he cannot find words for communication. You need to ensure that he is aware of his toilet needs, can sit and stand on his own, can eat with a spoon, and is able to take simple directions.

Encourage your kid to explore the things around him and see what he gains!

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