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Know You Are Pregnant

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[blockquote style=”1″]A strong intention, a relaxed body and an open mind are the main ingredients for an active birth. ~Janet Balaskas[/blockquote]

Know-you-are-pregnantMost of us do not have a clear picture about the pregnancy symptoms until the time of our first pregnancy. A couple of TV shows and movies have implanted the belief in our mind that every pregnant lady throws up frequently during pregnancy. So what do you do if you have missed your periods and feel absolutely hearty without the slightest hint of nausea? Well actually, the pregnancy symptoms are somewhat different from the stereotypes portrayed in movies and TV soaps. In this article, we’ll talk about the most commonly reported pregnancy symptoms.

Firstly, if in doubt, the most obvious thing to do is to get a home pregnancy test kit from a medical store. If it says positive, it could be the time to celebrate! But what if you are unable to get hold of a home pregnancy test due to some reasons or if the home pregnancy test gives a negative result. Well, many a times it can so happen that you have missed your periods but it is too early yet to take a home pregnancy test (HPT) as an HPT shows positive due to the increased level of HCG hormones in your urine. HCG hormones increase very rapidly if you are pregnant and in some cases, during the initial ten days of conception, the hormone level wouldn’t have increased enough to show the positive mark in the HPT.

The next step to take is to get a blood test done. It is a proven method of confirming pregnancy.

Other signs of pregnancy can be:

Missed period: This is the most obvious symptom. However, keep in mind that for some women, slight spotting (slight bleeding) occurs during the first trimester of pregnancy. Women may sometimes, mistakenly consider spotting as their regular periods and remain unaware of their pregnancy. It should be mentioned here that spotting in the first trimester should be immediately discussed with your caregiver/doctor.

Spotting or slight bleeding, cramps like menstrual cramps: This happens when the fertilized egg implants itself on the uterus wall. Some women take it for menstrual bleeding. In fact, this is one of the earliest signs of pregnancy.


PMS Like Cramps

Tiredness and Lack of Concentration: Hormonal changes like an increased level of progesterone can be the reason behind this symptom. Sometimes this can also happen due to other health-related reasons like low blood sugar etc. Get the reason diagnozed with your doctor/caregiver and take her advice.

Tender, sore breasts: Your breasts may become tender, tingly or sore and the areola (area around the nipple) may also darken. Again, this is due to hormonal changes that occur because of pregnancy.

Nausea: The most hyped symptom. You may start feeling nauseous especially at the sight or smell of food. Any strong or some particular smell can also trigger it off. You may feel that your sense of smell has increased considerably.

Mood swings: The in famous mood swings during pregnancy can be very apparent during the first trimester of pregnancy.

Other symptoms may include dizziness, constipation, head ache, and back pain. Each individual’s body is different from the other and it is possible that one may experience either none or all of the above symptoms. Either way, the experiences in pregnancy are unique for each woman. We hope your’s is filled with excitement and brings in a new dimension to your life.

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