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Naming Your Baby As Per His Birth Nakshatra

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So just had your little baby and enjoying parenthood? The very first thing that needs to be done as soon as you give birth to your little one is give your precious bundle a lovely name. Besides, most parents will be in search of names which is unique and meaningful in every sense of the word. If you believe in astrology and would like to name your little one after his or her Nakshatra or birth star, there are umpteen options out there to take your pick from. Read on to know about Naming Your Baby As Per His Birth Nakshatra
Baby names on Nakshatra

  • What Is A Nakshatra?
  • How Can I Know My Baby’s Birth Nakshatra?
  • How Can I Choose My Baby Names Based On The Nakshatra?
  • Nakshatra Syllable Chart

What Is A Nakshatra?

Naskhatras also known as one’s birth star are actually the star signs which have their origin in Indian astrology. While the moon transverse across the sky, it is believed to pass along 27 lunar houses and each and every house comprises of a prominent star or constellation. These houses are known to be the well known Nakshatras after which you can name your little one accordingly.
If you happen to believe in astrology, they say a child’s Nakshatra provides quite an excellent insight about your little one’s personality. And, reading on gives you ample ideas about what name would be ideal in every way for your new family member. Naming  Baby As Per His Birth Nakshatra is a practice in many families.

How Can I Know My Baby’s Birth Nakshatra?

Now, there is no reason to panic about how to find out what exactly your little one’s Nakshatra is. All one needs for this calculation is the exact time of birth of your baby and place where he or she was born. Further, with all thanks to the wonderful advances in the field of technology, there are umpteen online astrological sites to help you find your child’s Nakshatra. Besides, you can also consult an astrologer for the same which makes your job all the more easier. However, once you find out the Nakshatra, the next step involves how a Nakshatra can aid in coming across the best name for your little mite.

How Can I Choose My Baby Names Based On The Nakshatra?

It is believed that each Nakshatra has some syllables that are supposed to be lucky to begin your baby’s name with. Naming your baby with one of those particular syllables is considered to bring good fortune and excellent triumphs in every field as your little one grows up.
Each Nakshatra only provides you with just one sound or syllable. And, you have to start your little one’s name with it. You can then select any name which starts with that particular syllable. Once you narrow down your search to a few names beginning with that syllable, you could then use numerology to choose the best name. Also, you can choose the name  from the list for your little one according to the child’s lucky numbers as well. Lo and behold! You will then have with you the ideal name for your baby without any difficulty.

Nakshatra Syllable Chart

Now, given below is the chart which tells you which syllable each Nakshatra considers auspicious to begin naming your baby with. However, keep in mind the fact these syllables are just phonetic pronunciations and not exact spellings. Therefore, even if you come across a name which is spelt otherwise, in spite of the fact that it has the same phonetic pronunciation when you read it, you can name your baby with it.

Nakshatra Syllable Chart
Birth Star Recommended Syllables
Ashwini (Aswini or Ashwathi) Laa, La, Choo,Chu, Choo, Che
Bharani Lee, Lo, Li, Lu, Le
Karthikai (Krithika,Krittika) U,A, Aa, Ai, Ae, Ee, E, Oo
Rohini Voo, Wu, Wa, O ,Va, Vee, Vaa, Vi
Mrigasira (Mrigashirsha, Makayiram) We, Kee, Ve Wo, Ki, Vo, Ve
Ardra (Thiruvathirai, Aurdra) Cha, Jha,Da, Kam, Ku, Da, Gha, Ja
Punarvasu (Paunarpoosam, Punartham) Hee, Ha, Hi, Kay, Ko, Ke
Pooyam (Pushya, Pushyami) Da, Ho He, Hu
Aayilyam (Aslesha) Do, Da, Dee, Du, Di, Me
Makha (Makam, Magha) Mu, Maa,Ma, Me, Mi, Mee
Poorma (Pubba, Purva Phalguni) Ti, Tee, Ta, Mo, Tu
Uthiram (Uthara Phalguni, Utram) Pi,Pee, Paa, Pa, Taa, Te, Ta, To
Atham (Hasta, Hastam) Tha, Na, Poo, Shaa, Pu, Sha
Chitta (Chitra, Chithira) Ree, Raa, Ri, Po, Pe
Chothi (Swati, Chothy) Ta, Taa, Roo, Re, Ro, Ru
Vishakam (Vishaka) To, Tae, Too, Te, Ti, Tu, Tee
Anizham (Anuradha) Noo, Nae, Nee, Na, Ni, Naa,Ne
Trikketa (Jyeshta) Yi, Yu, Yee, No, Yaa, Ya
Moolam (Moola, Mula) Bhaa, Ba , Bi, Bhee, Yu, Ye, Bhi, Yo
Pooradham (Purvashada,Poorvashada) Fa, Dha, Da, Bhoo, Bu
Uthradam (Utharashada) Bo, Jaa, Bhe, Jee, Be, Ji, Ja, Bha
Thiruvonam (Sravana, Shravana) Khe, Kho, Khu, Jo, Je, Ju, So, Khi
Avittam (Dhanishta) Gee, Gu, Gi, Ga, Gu
Chathayam (Shatabhisha, Shatabhisham) See, Gau, Soo, Su, Si, Go, Sa, Saa
Pururuttathy (Poorvabhadra, Purvabhadra) Daa, Da, Dee, So, Se, Dha,Di, Dhi
Uthrittathy (Utharabhadra) Da, Gna, Gy, Du, Tha, Na, Jha
Revathi Cha, Chee, Do,De, Chaa, Chi

Hope the article on Naming Your Baby As Per His Birth Nakshatra was helpful. Check more on baby names here

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