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Pregnancy At 28 Weeks

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Week 28

The beginning of third trimester comes with the relief of being the last one. Yes, it has been an adventurous journey till now, and as you see the ultrasound images, and the little one that your have created, you might gape and be surprised – at the Universe’s amazing work.

Physical and Emotional You

  • Stretch marks could be seen a little red now – and we know you would be concerned for them. But in a year or so, they will fade and not be as visible.
  • Pregnancy has taken over you – you eat, feel, drink, talk, walk and even think Pregnancy.
  • The headaches, forgetfulness, and some back pain is still around. Well, some more time!
  • All the discomforting symptoms stay, and sleep evades. You will also be heading to the restroom often, since the baby has taken the position of head down – to your nearest exit – thus putting pressure on the uterus.
  • Colostrum is getting ready – your baby’s first food before you start producing milk.
  • Your OB will be telling you about the fetal movements and possible delivery options – though there is still time for the baby to move.
  • If the baby does not give up his breech position in a couple of weeks now, you might have to opt for a caesarean. Try lying on sides, this might make your baby change his position.
  • Work will be difficult now, and so will be bending and squatting. We really hope you have invested in a comfortable chair by now!

Your Baby at 28 Weeks:

  • Like an eggplant, a nice big one, the little angel now sits at around 1.2-.15 gms in your belly.
  • Amniotic fluid is being exhaled and inhaled, and the oxygen is taken care of by the placenta.
  • The brain is speeding up its development and neurons are multiplying to billions.
  • More fat – both for you and the baby – and the skin starts looking smoother now.
  • The entire face is ready, with eyes, eyebrows and eyelids. Ever wondered why boys seem to have bigger eyelids all the time??
  • Read and sing and talk to him – with your partner ofcourse!

Things to Note:

  • Hot water tubs – soak your feet and some part of legs in a warm water tub with dash of salt- old way to get rid of swelling and soreness.
  • Maternity wear – it will be some time before you can fit into your old clothes again- shop for quite a good lot. Shopping works like therapy. Done the baby room yet?
  • Stretching exercises – may do you some real good.

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