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Pregnancy At 7 Weeks

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Week 7

This week might feel like an emotional roller coaster ride, with you feeling happy one moment and screaming the other. This is due to increase in the levels of hormones. You have already covered half of the first trimester. The baby has grown 10,000 times since you conceived. Isn’t it just amazing?

The baby looks like a bean seed or even like a blueberry and your uterus is like a size of an orange. Every time comparing the baby with a seed or a fruit might feel strange but it makes it better to imagine how it looks. By seven weeks the embryo has grown to about 10mm from head to toe – double from what it was at conception. This is called crown –lump length. Most of the growth is concentrated on the head, which looks larger than the rest of the body and the brain is growing rapidly too. The baby can now move around but you won’t feel the bumps though. It has a tiny tail but it will vanish soon. You should be seeing the OB now, as critical tests need to be done.

Physical and Emotional You

  • Week seven brings with itself constipation. This is due to progesterone. Drinking lot of fluids and having a diet rich in fibre would help.
  • Early signs of pregnancy like nausea, intolerance to certain food and smell would continue for some time.
  • Facing those cravings ad aversions? Well, indulge in anything that is safe for the baby. Though there’s no need to eat for two, keep snacking-in between meals.
  • Due to increase in blood volume circulating in the body you may become sensitive to the heat.
  • You might be feeling really tired even after enormous amount of sleep, but this will soon end after the first tri-semester and your usual energy will come back .
  • By this time your cup size might have increased, and the breasts must be tender and swollen. The two hormones estrogen and progesterone are responsible for building fat and sweat glands and the Montgomery tubercles are visible. As a result of this the breasts and nipples stand out.

Though all of this has been happening since some time now but still the tummy doesn’t show that you are pregnant and you may be spending some time in front of the mirror to see its size. It’s time to stay tip top.

Your Baby At 7 Weeks

The baby is growing rapidly. The paddle like limbs are now preparing to make figures and toes. The elbow is formed and is busy flexing. Some new organs are beginning to form like eyelids, tongue, nipple follicles. Brain is growing rapidly and by the end of this week the baby will approximately one inch long.

This might also be the time when you would like to take a break and go on a holiday. Having sex during pregnancy is safe until the doctors advices you not to. At any point during your pregnancy you feel strange or something not right do not ignore but consult your doctor. You can also start walking, which could help you as below:

  • It burns those extra calories and since the body would get into a routine it will be easier to lose that extra weight post pregnancy.
  • Do not walk in extremely hot weather since the pregnant body gets heated up quickly.
  • Walking reduces and shortens the labor pain.
  • Eases constipation and keeps the body fit and prevents gestational diabetes and preeclampsia.

Things to Note:

  • Seeing an OB is critical.
  • You still have chance of a miscarriage, it is there till the 12th week. Do stay safe, and calm and in case of vaginal bleeding, reach the doc immediately.
  • Prenatal vitamins and folic acid- a huge must.
  • Sex needn’t be put on the backstage unless advised by the OB.

It’s also the time to start looking for the baby’s name. You may like to keep making a note with the meanings; this home work will help you in deciding the name after delivery and would keep you involved.

PS: Every baby grows differently in the womb and outside it. The information presented here is on generic terms, and it does not necessarily holds true for everyone.

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