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Stretched Vagina After Childbirth

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Now-a-days several women are frightened to have a child by a natural vaginal process as they dread that afterwards their vagina might never will tighten back to its original size. And their suspicions are not groundless. Most of the times the vagina returns to its shape significantly but it can also be possible that it will not be same as before. Due to this same fear many women are even opting for a caesarian section, so as to feel “honeymoon fresh” for years to come. However, with little effort, tips and proper knowledge you can solve this condition at least up to 80%. Below you will find a quick guide to help you with.
Stretched Vagina

What Causes The Vagina To Stretch After Delivery?

During vaginal delivery, your baby has to travel through the birth canal and is delivered through the entrance of your vagina. The vagina is thus stretched as it helps to accommodate the size of your infant’s head and allows your baby to pass through. But the extent that your vagina will stretch to depends upon many factors including –

  • Maternal age
  • Size of your baby
  • The number of deliveries you have had previously
  • How was your delivery such as was it normal or vacuum extraction
  • During pregnancy did you do the Kegel exercises so as to tone the pelvic muscles
How Long Will It Take For My Vagina To Gain Its Original Size After Childbirth?

After giving birth and delivering a multi- pound baby it’s quite normal that you will feel find your vagina a little stretched and wider. Most of the times even after stretching to the size of your infant’s head it reverts to its size to some level by itself within six months of delivery especially in young women who are in their early twenties. But in today’s world most of the women delay getting pregnant until after 30 or 35, in these cases age and rigorous effects of labor often lead to slightly more lose or stretched vagina which can only be corrected by certain external efforts such as special Kegel exercises.

What Are The Vaginal Exercises Which Can Help Me To Get My Vagina Back In Its Original Size?

Pelvic floor (Kegel) exercises are the best way to regain your vagina back to its original size. These exercises will help you to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles that surround the vagina. Doing them regularly will even help you in correcting the situation of urine incontinence (urine leaking) which usually arise after the child birth. Below are some pelvic exercises which can be performed anywhere and anytime –

  • Try to squeeze in your anus and simultaneously try to draw your vagina upwards
  • Do it rapidly, constricting and liberating the muscles immediately
  • Then try to do it slowly, hold the contractions for at least few seconds but not more than 10 seconds
  • Repeat all these exercise at least five minutes for three times a day

Click here to read more about Kegels.
You can start doing all these exercises as soon as you are comfortable to do it. You can simply do them at whatever opportunity you are getting such as sitting, standing and even while breastfeeding. For much more positive effect it’s advisable to starts doing them well in advance like during the pregnancy as it may help you in avoid undergoing any unnecessary tear during the delivery and it will surely help those pelvic muscles to regain itself after giving birth. The best thing about Kegels are that they are totally private. They can be practiced anytime anywhere. You can first start doing them slowly and then over several weeks, increase the sets of contractions. With the help of these within few months, you should feel tighter.

Besides Kegels, What Else Can Help My Stretched Vagina?

Aside from special Kegel exercises you can also try some general tips which can help your vagina to rebound back to its post-delivery position.

  • Going for a perineal massage one month before your delivery date can also help you
  • Raised legs exercises -This is a simple exercise which requires you to lie down on your back and then try to raise your leg upwards -first one then second. Keep them straight without bending and lower them alternatively. Try doing them at least three times a day for five minutes
  • During sex you can try the position man on top. Once your partner is inside ask him to lift himself up so that you can squeeze your legs. This position will make you experience a tighter feeling
  • Along with Kegels you can try using vaginal cones, insert them and then try to walk around the house without making them fall. At first when your cone will drop out as your pelvic floor muscles are weak, but as the muscles will start growing stronger, you will be able to hold the balls inside longer

No matter what measures you take to regain its size back, just be confident and proud of your body as your vagina was built to handle childbirth and after sometime it will be back in size.

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