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Stupid Things That Husbands Do While In The Labor Room!

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So being pregnant and going into delivery is not an easy feat. It is terribly uncomfortable and one can loose all the patience and 9 months of labor-management techniques within seconds. When it comes to the labor room, it is the woman who gets to make all the rules, and the man, well, just needs to abide by them all. There is NO CHANCE of any other consideration. And yet, you will be surprised (and amused to some extent) at all the weird and stupid things husbands tend to pull out in the delivery room.
Things husbands do
Let’s go through some of the hilarious ones here!

15 Hilarious And Stupid Things That Husbands Do When In Delivery Room

  • This is so tiring!: No, this ain’t coming from the woman in labor. It is her husband who had to spend about 12 hours in the chair while the wifey dear was screaming through a long labor. Must be tiring, on that chair!
  • I am starving!: Yeah, the wife is 9 cm dilated and on hearing this some husbands have a strong urge to grab a bacon sandwich with some extra cheese. And a cup of coffee doesn’t seem to hurt either. Like all the husband’s energy went into making his wife dilated!
  • Missing TV Show: So the wife is screaming her heart out in labor and all this guy wanted was to catch up what’s going on in his favorite TV show. “Maybe I should just take a walk around?” After all, who likes to miss their favorite TV shows? The baby can wait (can it?)
  • Passing out: Some adorable hubbies cannot see what labor is and find it easier to pass out in the delivery room itself. Well, so as the wife is breathing hard to keep up with contractions, this man decides to take all the attention to himself by passing out. Why, the wife’s doctor was also attending him!
  • Confusion takes over: So understandably, it is hard to cope with labor and it is natural to get overwhelmed and confused. But what if a husband tends to copy the expressions of wife while she is pushing when he has been clearly told to count?
  • Questions and answers: While in labor, women tend to get all inquisitive and loopy and may even ask some silly, out-of-context questions. Labor pangs, yes. But what when the hubby dear decides to take over the role and keeps on asking (and sometimes even answering) some stupid questions on his own?
  • The game is important: Whether it is soccer, baseball, cricket or anything for that matter, some husbands find the labor room and appropriate place to discuss the game with- well- the doctor himself. So while the wife pushes, these two are engrossed in the last night’s throws and misses. Woah!
  • Go directionless: When labor strikes, the husband is entrusted with one of the most important jobs – get to the hospital within the shortest time. But what of the hubby is so overwhelmed to get to the right directions? Well, get her to the hospital while she is still pregnant, that is
  • Photogenic Dad: So some dads-to-be feel so photogenic that they tend to take selfies with everyone and everything in the delivery room. Only to find out the camera battery exhausted when the baby is born!
  • Readying up: You may not need to be decked up for going into labor, but are you sure your husband will take you to the hospital without shaving and flossing first. Yeah, you got it!
  • Could you wait: It is not uncommon to feel hunger pangs strike hard when the wife is fully dilated. The request? “Could you hold on pushing for some time while I grab a quick snack?” Yeah, sure, that cannot wait
  • It hurts: It may be canker sore, a twitch in the back, a sprained ankel or a painful nail. But this ain’t enough to tell the wife to make it fast because you are feeling “hurt and uncomfortable”. The one pushing out the baby still wins, and you need to suck it up a little longer
  • The “Calm Down” advice: While in labor, some women have been told to be “calm” and “it cannot be that bad to shout” by their very own husbands. Wonder if they lived after that!?!
  • The phone: Keep this device off or away for sometime Dad! If you want, you can ping a couple of your friends regarding the news, but you are not allowed at all to take up business or personal calls of any nature at this hour. Nothing beats the situation you are in as of now
  • Sleep: Yeah, so you are all tired and sleepy after 12 laborious hours of pushing and pain. If you think you’d just rest by lying down on the floor without disturbing anyone, that is not happening. At all
  • So anything like this happen to you? Did your husband do something as silly and stupid as this? Share and lend everyone a laugh – though we are sure it was not amusing to the least at that time!

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