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Temper Tantrums in Toddlers

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Picture this – you and your toddler are in a super-busy supermarket. Your baby has spotted a toy and you have no intentions to buy it. So, you ask him or her to leave that thing and come along with you. All of a sudden you realized that you kid’s ear-piercing and supersonic temper tantrums has made you the centre of glares. Needless to say, you feel embarrassed and let down that time when all eyes were on you.Temper Tantrums in Toddlers

Dear parent, this is just an imagination, but can happen in reality as well. Let’s take a look at why do the tiny tots throw temper tantrums and how you can manage them and help them behave in the right way!

Why toddlers throw tantrums?

Toddler temper tantrum is a part of your child’s upbringing and can be frustrating and embarrassing at times. Different toddlers throw tantrums for different reasons. Some do that just because they are naughty and want seek most of your attention (this mainly happens in older children), whereas in some children it can be a way to display anger, dislike and frustrations.

Moreover, some children yell out their lungs out because they find it difficult to communicate what is going on in their minds and what exactly is not right with them. When a child is not able to express his or his feelings, such emotional outbursts and frustrations mount. This is often known as uneven language skills, say child psychologists.

Can there tantrums be controlled or prevented?

Well, there isn’t any hard and fast rule or a foolproof way out to control the tantrums of these tiny tots. However, with several behavioural modification methods you always can be successful up to some extent.

  • Maintain a consistent routine – A consistent routine will help your child behave and expect things to be according to his or her schedule. So, he or she will not try to seek your attention every now and then. Make it a thumb rule to be consistent.
  • Make your plans accordingly – If you have to do household chores or run errands, make sure to go when your baby is asleep or he or she is not likely to starving for food or is not tired. Sometimes, you might not be sure about the timings. In that case, make sure to keep some toys and snack handy with your child.
  • Help your baby to make use of words – According to psychologists, the tiny tots are able to understand more words than they speak or express. If he or she has not yet started speaking or he or she doesn’t speak clearly, teach sign languages for the words he or she needs to express more. The easier the communication, the lesser would be the tantrums.

Maintain your calm

These are some of the best ways to make your child throw less or no tantrums. Besides these, allow your child to make his or her own choice and always praise his or her good behaviour. Remember – try to remain cool even if your child’s reaches his or her tantrum threshold. The more you react, the more he or she will seek your attention and things can get worse.

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