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The Baby : Week 7

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What were you doing before having the baby? Life cannot be imagined!

While the baby makes you the centre of his life, you may be wondering what you were doing before you had him! His new discoveries and grins and coos and sighs make your life go so vibrant and new that imagining life without him will be unthinkable. He’s on his cutest best, and loves the time that Maa and Paa give to him, conversing singing of tickling him. He has opened his eyes wide and knows when his Maa’s voice echoes in the room or his Paa calls him out. You will find new love in each other too, and this is another reward in being parents.

Your Baby:

Activity, yes lots of activity is on the cards. His sensory development is taking place at a fast pace, he can hold his eyes longer and focus more. Your baby loves those shapes and sounds, and you are busy decoding what he likes best basis the expressions and the coos and grins. In some time from now, you will have your own language with the little one, and he will give you signs on what he likes or doesn’t want to see. His tummy time has abled him to lift his head a little more, and the champ is on his way to lift himself up on his arms. He tires himself doing this, so he still needs to be fed 3-4 times a day. He probably sleeps for 2-3 hours at a stretch now. He has also found his fingers, he soothes himself by sucking one of them. It’s fine, he’s only 6 weeks old! He wants to grab everything, and likes the touch and feel of textures. Give him your finger and he will instantly grasp it. That also implies that no hard or sharp things be kept near him. He’d like some soft toys, though, and a rattler will be good too.

You, Mama

Mixed emotions are at play, and you are just accepting how this little one has changed your life. You have paid the OB a visit or two, and would now be healing properly. Your depression is slowly going away, and the baby time is giving you new things to learn every day. Your body is still absorbing all the hormonal changes, but you still have the post birth effects. You might not be ready for sex, but any romantic gesture may be welcome. If you are working, you could be debating whether to resume work or be a stay at home mother. Extension of maternity leave also might ring in the brain. Your mind is dealing with all sorts of emotion, so do confide in your man, discussing how the two of you are going to plan the journey with a new passenger on board. This is the time to understand and be understood. Do not let others decide everything for you…Make your own choices so that you are happy and satisfied.

P.S. On your partner’s day off, feed the baby and take the route to the parlour. Pamper yourself, you will come out relax and much refreshed!

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