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10 Ways To Treat Cough And Cold In Babies And Kids With Ginger

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The frequent seasonal changes make your kids more prone to cold and cough. It is one of the most common ailments that most kids suffer from during their childhood. This makes them extremely cranky, uncomfortable and difficult to manage. Kids suffering from severe cold and congestion may find it difficult to sleep or breathe properly. As parents, we feel helpless to see their discomfort and try different remedies to take care and provide them relief from cold and cough. But do you know majority of these cold and coughs can be treated with home remedies and all you need to do is pick up a home remedy that your little one is comfortable with and provides excellent results too. Ginger is a popular home remedy that has been proven to work wonders for treating cold and cough in small kids. Read on to know how you can use ginger as a home remedy for treating colds and coughs in kids.
ginger to treat cold and co

  • What Is So Special About Ginger?
  • How Is Ginger Effective In Treating Cold And Cough?
  • Is Ginger Safe For Small Babies?
  • 10 Ways To Use Ginger To Treat Cold And Cough In Children
  • Precautions While Giving Ginger To Your Baby Or Kid

What Is So Special About Ginger?

A flowering plant that has leafy stems, ginger is a root that can be used raw, powdered or even dried. This is one of the most widely used spice in different cuisines and is easily found in all Indian homes. It has a pungent, spicy and aromatic flavor. Ginger juice extracted is found to be extremely effective with excellent medicinal properties. Loaded with bioactive compounds and a whole lot of nutrients, ginger promotes both mental and physical health.

How Is Ginger Effective In Treating Cold And Cough?

  • Ginger plays the role of a decongestant and antihistamine helping to lower the symptoms of cold
  • Dried ginger is found to possess anti-rhino-viral activity. One of the main reason behind all the common cold in kids and babies is rhino virus
  • Ginger is also rich in aromatic chemicals known as phenyl alkyl ketones that have excellent medicinal value
  • Ginger also has commendable microbial properties that aid to treat cold and cough
  • Also equipped with anti-inflammatory properties, ginger helps to increase the immunity levels

Is Ginger Safe For Small Babies?

Ginger has been found to be absolutely safe for babies if given in small amounts after the age of ten or eleven months. Ginger can be used in preparing your baby’s food apart from using it to treat cold and cough.

10 Ways To Use Ginger To Treat Cold And Cough In Children

  1. Ginger tea: Clean a tiny piece of ginger and crush it well. Add this to boiling water and let it boil for a few minutes. This needs to be boiled till the flavor of ginger is transferred to the water. Now strain the concoction and feed your little one with a few sips as often as possible. Little babies need to be fed just a few spoons of this while older ones can be given a cup
  2. Honey, lemon and ginger concoction: It may be quite difficult for little ones to sip the ginger concoction. A good alternative is to add some honey and a few drops of lemon to this so that little children drink it up without any fuss
  3. Dried and powdered ginger: If your child is a little older, they can have dried and powdered ginger powder directly mixed with a spoonful of honey. Make sure the mixture is not very watery. This mixture is found to provide immediate relief for cold and cough in children
  4. Ginger Vapor: Inhalation of ginger vapor is also found to provide effective relief from cold and cough in children. For this you need to boil ginger in water and make your child inhale this vapormother giving ginger tea
  5. Thippili and dried ginger mixed with Honey: Long pepper also known as Thippili is an effective cough remedy. A good combination of Thippili along with dried ginger has been found to have wonderful results in providing relief to symptoms of flu in children. For this you need to take equal quantities of dried ginger powder and Thippili and dilute in a spoonful of honey
  6. Ginger candy: Ginger candy is yet another way that is found to be effective in relieving cough and cold symptoms in children. Ginger candies are also known to be good in averting motion sickness
  7. Dry ginger coffee: Yet another simple and effective concoction that is known to work wonders for cold and coughs. Take a small piece of ginger along with a couple of pepper corns and crush well. Now add this to boiling water to which a piece of jaggery has been added. Let the mixture boil for around five minutes. Add a few leaves of tulsi or basil to it and let it boil again for a couple of minutes and switch off the gas. Serve it hot to your child and see how it works effectively to cure colds and flu like symptoms
  8. Raw ginger: If your child is over two years, you can just give a piece of raw ginger for him to chew directly. Make sure the child is able to handle its flavor and pungent aroma. As an alternative, you can also add ginger to their food preparations
  9. Thippili and dry ginger in milk: The above mentioned mixture of Thippili and ginger powder can be mixed in milk and given along with honey
  10. Dried ginger powder : You could also just mix a spoonful of ginger powder along with your little one’s milk and make him drink this for instant relief from cold and cough if your child is old enough to tolerate the pungent taste

Precautions While Giving Ginger To Your Baby Or Kid

  • Can cause an allergic reaction: Ginger usually doesn’t cause any kind of allergies but if you are introducing ginger for the first time to your baby, do keep a watch on any allergic reactions
  • Adjust the spice levels and quantity: Ginger is quite pungent so make sure you adjust the quantity according to how much spice your kid can tolerate. Also a lot of babies will not easily accept it so give one very less quantity

Remember, these remedies provide relief from common colds, runny or blocked nose, sore throat or mild cough. If your child has severe and persistent cough which is accompanied by fever, make sure that you consult your doctor.
Do share with us any ginger preparations that you are aware of or use to soothe cold and cough in kids.

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