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Trimming Baby Nails

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Trimming Baby Nails

Trimming Baby Nails

Tiny little fingers and even tinier nails!! If you thought baby nails are just cute, beware; they are sharp as well. Your baby has the softest nails, but they are sharp enough to scratch you or him. Newborn nails are so soft that most of the times they wear down on their own while changing the clothes or massaging. You should try not to cut or trim your baby’s nails till he is a few weeks old, though his finger nails would be growing everyday. Mittens or socks might just be enough during the early days. Once the nails become slightly harder you may start trimming them. Now, trimming the nails of your tiny winy angel with such soft skin sounds really scary, doesn’t it? It may be a challenge for the new parents but believe us even many experienced mothers end up accidently cutting their baby’s finger skin sometimes. Trimming mishaps do take place but it is okay (after all a mom can never do this intentionally). But it is always better to take few precautions like:

  • Try to trim or cut your baby’s nail during day time (preferably in natural light) and when she is asleep or feeding. Sleeping baby will have minimum movements thus chances for any cut on fingers are less this way, though you need to be attentive as he could wake up anytime.
  • If you choose to trim your baby’s nails while she’s awake, ask your spouse or someone else to distract the baby lest her wiggling causes an accident.
  • Never use adult nail clippers while cutting your baby’s nails. They are sharp. There are baby nail clippers or emery boards available in the market. You may use baby scissors with rounded ends.
  • If you do not feel comfortable in trimming your baby’s nails, you may file them using emery board. It is less scary and has fewer chances of accidents.
  • Keep a firm hold on your baby’s hand while cutting the nails. Press the finger pad away to avoid nicking the skin along with the nails.
  • Do not try to cut the nails too short. You and the baby may not find it comfortable. If they grow early, which is normal, you can trim them again.
  • Fingernails grow much faster as compared to toenails. So toenails require less maintenance. It is good to cut or trim toenails straight across.
  • You may find it easier to trim the nails after the baby has a bath. Nails become soft.
  • It is wise to have a helper who can hold your baby’s hand while you are trimming or cutting the nails.
  • File the rough edges gently once you are done with cutting or trimming.
  • If any time you accidently cut a finger, just apply pressure for sometime on the area to stop bleeding and wash it with water. Avoid bandaging or putting an ointment as there are chances of your baby swallowing it.
  • Some mothers prefer nibbling soft nails instead of using clippers. It may transfer the germs in you causing infection hence we do not suggest it.

Do not blame yourself if some accident happens, it is very natural and we’d say take it lightly. If the bleeding doesn’t stop, then take your baby to a doctor.

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