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Vastu Shastra For Your Baby’s Room

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Your baby’s homecoming is one the most special and auspicious moment of your life. A baby brings happiness and good energy in the house. To celebrate and prepare the house for their special one’s arrival, many people prefer to organize baby’s room according to Vastu Shastra.
Baby homecoming

Vastu Shastra For Your Baby’s Room
Vastu Shastra Tips For Your Baby’s Arrival In Home

Vastu Shastra For Your Baby’s Room

Vastu Shastra is the science of architecture. This ancient Vedic study helps to bring positive energy, good luck and fortune at your door step by the means of space arrangement, geometry and lay-out of your abode. To rearrange your baby’s bedroom or even your house according to Vastu Shastra you must be well aware of the directions. If you are not, you can take the aid of a compass or devices that will show to exact directions. Such devices are readily available in the market.

Vastu Shastra Tips For Your Baby’s Arrival In Home

There couldn’t be a better direction than the west zone of your house for your baby’s bedroom. According to Vastu Shastra west direction of the house is most appropriate for your children, but even if your baby’s room is facing elsewhere, with a few changes and tweaks here and there we can make it perfect for your baby’s homecoming.

1. Room Should Be Airy:

First and foremost, make sure the room is well lit and airy. Windows that bring in natural light are your best bet, if not you can add lights and lit up the room. A dark and gloomy room has negative vibes and you want to make sure that your baby’s environment is positive and happy

2. Room Should Be Clean

Make sure your baby’s room is absolutely clean. Not only this will ensure your baby’s well being but a clean room generates good energy. Dust and dirt are known to be carrier of bad vibes. Hence, make sure you clean the room timely and thoroughly

3. Place the Bed In Right Direction

The bed of your baby must be in the south-west section of the room. The south-west section is a source of energy which can enhance your baby’s motor skills. Also make sure the bed’s headrest is in the south or east direction and is not directly facing the entrance of the room

4. The Night Lamp should be In Right Place

The night lamp should be in the south-east zone of the room. This will make your child feel secure and also help to improve your child’s vision

5. Decorate The Wall With Family Pictures

You can decorate the north-west wall of the baby’s room with family pictures. This helps in strengthening the family bond and makes the child more family oriented and well cultured
Also, be mindful about the pictures you have in your baby’s room. Avoid abstract and confusing pictures. Happy pictures generate happy feelings and positive vibes
Preparing for baby arrival

6. Keep Mirror Away From Bed

Never place a mirror in front of the bed. Also make sure the bed doesn’t reflect in the mirror. This could give your baby bad dreams or nightmares. Since mirror is considered a defect remedy tool in Vastu Shastra, placing it exactly against the bed could bring bad luck

7. Use Minimum Furniture

Keep minimum furniture in your baby’s room. If you have any furniture, place it in the south direction. Don’t keep any furniture in the middle of the room. Keep your baby’s room as spacious and clutter-free as possible.
Avoid hammering nails in your baby’s room. If you have to, then opt for the north-east or south –west walls. Hammering nails isn’t a good sign and can impact your baby’s health
If you are planning a step ahead and want to buy a study table as well, be certain that you place it in the north, east or north-east direction of the room. Also the study area should have natural ventilation. If not, make sure the area is well lit and clutter free

8. Store Baby’s Cloth and Toys In Right Direction

Never store your baby’s clothes in the south-west direction of the room. It could create health complications for your baby.
Always wash your baby’s new clothes, bibs, bed sheets, etc before using. Washing new clothes and sheets before using, rids them off chemicals and negative energy
Store your baby’s toys in the north-east, south, south-east, south-west or west section of the room

9. Use The Baby’s Room Color Wisely

There are some aspects to consider while choosing baby’s room color. Avoid red, yellow and orange colors if your baby’s room is located in the north – east corner of the house. These colors will impact your baby’s health negatively. You can place a medicinal plant like tulsi on the north- east side of the room to ensure your baby’s good health
If your baby’s room is situated in the south section of your house you can paint the room in hues of pink or red. Make sure you steer clear of black and brown. Pinks, reds and orange in this case will promote your baby’s physical and mental health
Blue and grey are the perfect shades if your baby’s is in the western part of the house
With these simple steps you can turn your baby’s environment into a happy and positive space.

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