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Welcome Lifestyle Changes!!

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Making the decision to have a child is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body-Elizabeth Stone.

Planning a baby requires lifestyle alterations, welcome these changes in your life!

Planning a baby requires lifestyle alterations, welcome these changes in your life!

We never know the love of a parent till we become parents ourselves, and this is a certain truth. After you decide to be parents, it’s also conscious decision to bid adieu to certain habits of the past. Parenting calls for highly responsible and mature life, and one has to be more grounded, caring, sensitive and loving. To decide to bring a baby in the world, you have to shrug off any remnants of an unhealthy lifestyle past that may try to catch up with you. Trust us, it’s all worth the effort.

A baby needs a home, a cozy and welcoming environment that is set on a routine and most importantly a baby needs a lifestyle that centers around on the baby. Once the baby arrives, even day-to-day routine is altered and the baby becomes the fulcrum for about everything. Babies do not wake up, sleep, eat, etc as per your desire; you need to adjust to their clocks. The rewards of being a parent are priceless, and this will thus become one of the most beautiful decisions of your life. However, a quick check will ensure that your first step to delve into parenthood is based on some facts:

1. Growing UP: Primarily this is STEP 1. If you want a baby then you have to be mature and start taking responsibility. The little steps that are walking into your life will be entirely dependent on how you take care of them.. The first BIG LEAP : Leave behind the coy, the immature and the irresponsible.

2. Regularize your sleep pattern: Another very important step is to set a sleep pattern. In the days young and wild; it is a very common trend to sleep at ungodly hours and survive only on a couple of hours of sleep. But with the new baby all this needs to be regularized both for the health of the mother and the child. As such all-nighters have a harmful effect of the fertility of the couple as well.

3. Keep Stress at an arm’s length: Try to minimize your stress and postpone/ delay any situations that may cause you stress. Stress has an impact on fertility as well.

4. Deal with any past issues: If you have dealt with any trauma in your childhood, you need to confront it and move on. Your ability as a parent is affected by your past demons like abusive relationship with parents, loss of a parent, etc. It’s important to deal with these issues and move on.

5. Quit Smoking and Consuming Alcohol: Eliminate the addictives from your life. Cigarette has nicotine, coffee has caffeine, and drugs and alcohol are a definite no-no. So when you have planned to welcome your baby in your life then you have to say bye to these addictive habits as well.

6. Put Your Relationship in Perspective: Address any issues in your relationship and iron out the creases that may be there. A happy household is the ideal place to bring up a baby. Never plan a baby to solve your marriage ways – just doesn’t work this way.

7. Talk to the Rest of the Family of Your Expectations: When you have decided to have a baby and you are expecting the rest of the family to pitch in and help you in issues like babysitting or picking up the child from school while you are at work—let them know. The basic rule is to communicate your expectation to avoid any miscommunication.

And finally, welcome the tiny feet and hands, the cooing and the wailing, all with open arms. Being parents is huge, congratulations on taking the step further to ensure a conducive and healthy environment for you and your little one.

Planning a baby requires lifestyle alterations, welcome these changes in your life!

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