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Your Baby- Month 16

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Baby Development- 16 MonthsEvery day is a new day for you and your baby. This essentially holds true once your baby is over a year old. His/her inquisitiveness can lead to many discoveries for the child and many first time experiences. Since a sixteen month old child can be expected to have few mobility issues, it is better to let your baby have a large playing turf. It would enable him/her to hone the locomotion skills as well as provide a lively environment to boost the overall development. Also, it would be good if you had someone looking over your child at all times of the day.

What most babies can do

At sixteen months, your baby can no longer be called an infant. He/she can be placed under the category of children, although very young. Such tender age is ideal to enforce certain disciplines and habits in your child. Most children by this time have a memory that would last a lifetime. Therefore, he/she would recognize and remember people and objects around him. Your child would call out people using a distinct name. The sleeping time should come down to around twelve hours by this time.

A baby of this age would be interested in everything that goes on around him. Anything lying about would attract his/her attention almost immediately. Many babies would be able to show specific skills such as the ability to turn the pages of a book. Many may be successful in games that involve bringing together blocks.

A playmate would be ideal during this period of your child’s development. Rudimentary games such as peek-a-boo are enjoyed immensely by most children. Moreover, you child may love being tickled once he/she has developed the sensation.

What some babies can do

Some sixteen months old babies would be able to associate the written word with the spoken one. Random scribbles would be performed by some children. Around this time, some children may attach themselves to a particular parent or a toy. More commonly, he/she would need that toy or articles with him/her all the time.

What few babies can do

A sixteen month old baby can be expected to develop a sense of choice with regards to food. Very few children may go as far as throwing tantrums. This may be regarded as both a good thing and a bad. Introduce minute changes in the dietary pattern of the baby to make every meal appear different. Very few children around this age may shift to a more adult lifestyle by reducing the time spent on sleeping. The two day time naps would be replaced by a single one of longer duration. The choice of toys can also be expected to undergo a change for a few children. They may prefer toys such as rocking horses and tricycles, those that promote movement. Toilet training is just around the corner. By the end of the sixteenth month, a small number of babies may show responses to the toilet routine that you are trying to establish.

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