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10 Steps To Boost Your Pregnancy Chances In Thirties

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Pregnant in 30's
Thirty is, well, just a number!!
Pregnancy after the age of 30 does not have to be worrisome. Yes, it is true that your body has aged, but it is also true that your cells are constantly regenerating. Swedish researcher Jonas Frisen established that none of the internal organs are actually more than seven to ten years old at any time. The signs of age show up because of the accumulated stress both emotional and physical. You can apparently get pregnant in your thirties if you make it a point to consider the following ten things.

Top 10 Tips To Get Pregnant In 30’s
  1. Eat a healthy, balanced diet:
    • Watch what you eat: Your body is literally made of what you are eating. Nowadays, the food is actually very contaminated. Everything from farm produces(laden with pesticides), to soft drinks and of course excess of hard drinks affect your body negatively. Fast foods and packaged items (including fruit juices and poultry products) are unfortunately very rich in additive chemicals. However, all is not bad! Organic food is still available at all local markets in India. Include aplenty fresh fruits and veggies in your diet. Explore the benefits of items like honey, lemon juice, apple cider vinegar, etc.
    • Drink nice: An occasional drink is not only amazing, but it is also kind of necessary for staying happy. However, the problem begins when you make it into a regular habit. Alcohol trashes a lot of calories and free radicals to the body
  2. Have regular sex: Some couples think that they should have sex only when the woman is ovulating, but what they do miss out is that every woman ovulates at different times each month, and you might be hitting the wrong day. The safest bet is to have sex three times a week, as the sperm stays in the woman’s body till 3 days- making the conception likely if the woman ovulates in any of these days. Enjoying sex is also a huge parameter!
  3. Lie down: Now that you are trying to get pregnant, lets work in tune with gravity! Though not proven, yet it makes a huge sense to lie down and have sex in a missionary position and staying on your back after sex. Elevate your hips by placing a pillow and let the sperm go and hit the egg all the way in your ovary!
  4. Stay fit: Your reproductive system is not a detached portion of your existence! When you are good and fit overall, the internal organs also regain their vigor. Make some physical exercise a part of your daily routine. Extra weight can actually pose problems to conceive after thirty. Getting rid of the excess weight is not impossible either! It is challenging, but not impossible. Many women undergo sea-changes in their bodies after only a few months of regular, systematic exercising habit
  5. Stay stress-free: When you are constantly stressing yourself, the body also takes the hit. So, in stress, you are always subconsciously stiffening the muscles of your face. You are stressed, then you get depressed, and when you are depressed, your body’s ability to conceive gets reduced. Boosting your mood is the first thing you should do – go out in the sun, soak up some vitamin D, have a nice lunch, watch a movie, and keep yourself happy. Yoga and meditation can greatly help
  6. Pregnancy in 30's

  7. Same fears: The fears are virtually the same at core, whether you are twenty or thirty. A young mom feels the same apprehensions of miscarriage, possible pregnancy issues, and an unhealthy baby. The mom–to-be at thirties also feels the same basically, but now there is the added stress of ten years extra. So many things have happened to your life! Allow yourself to settle and relax. First, make peace with who you are. Let go the body issues from the level of being depressive. Everyone has body issues, and that cannot be helped sometimes. It is just as it is. Next, you should make peace with folks whom you have misunderstood. However, avoid people whom you have clearly understood as negative
  8. Ditch Caffeine: Too much consumption of caffeinated beverages can interfere with a woman’s ability to conceive, say some studies. Not only that, you will have to cut down of your caffeine consumption once you are pregnant. Why not start right now? For soft drinks, if possible, avoid them altogether! These are totally no-good!
    Okay, very seldom you may drink it, but just stop storing a 2 liter bottle in your refrigerator all the time. They are laden with all sorts of chemicals, usually carcinogenic. Fruit juices, organic teas, and plain, purified water are best beverages to stay healthy all day!
  9. Seek help: Assisted pregnancy is a very good alternative when you have been trying unsuccessfully to conceive for a long time. Intra uterine fertilization and In vitro fertilization procedures have brought unbound joys of motherhood to many women over 30. Find a good facility with compassionate, caring, professional staffs. Be practical in assessing your body conditions. If your doctor tells you that there are risks if you get pregnant now, assess and accept. This will actually start the process of rectifying the risk over time. You can take the best decisions in a heartfelt content state
  10. Deal with side effects: A lot of things have side effects, mostly in cosmetics and pills. If you have been taking birth control pills for a long time, the effect is bound to show. However, you can also derive wonderful results from holistic restorative healing of the body. Consider switching your priorities to home remedies and organic cosmetic products
  11. Be young: Overall, just stay young! Listen to cool music, travel a lot, interact with nice people, have sex whenever you truly feel, and be strict about keeping negative influences out of your life. Things will always eventually fall into place
  12. Have a happy pregnancy!

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