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25 Greek Names For Your Baby Boy With Meanings

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Picking a good name for your little one can be both tricky and overwhelming. The name which you give to your baby will be part of his identity for the rest of his life. It will distinguish him from others and he will respond to it throughout his life. Here we will help you find a name for your baby. How about giving him a Greek name that has not been used much in your region. It will be unique and very easy to remember because of its uniqueness.
Greek Baby names

Greek Traditions Of Naming The Baby

Greek culture is very diverse and rich. They have their customs and superstitions associated with the newborn babies. They name their baby on the seventh or the tenth day of birth. One of the traditions in Greek culture is the Family Naming Tradition. The baby is named after one of his grandparents. The eldest baby boy will be given his grandfather’s name from his father’s side. And the eldest girl of the family will be named after her paternal grandmother. The children born later can be named after the relatives.
Most Greeks are named after a saint. They have an important tradition called the “name day” celebration which means anyone who has the name of a saint celebrates “name day” on a particular day.
Most of the Greek Names signal whether it is a masculine name or a feminine. A feminine name generally ends with ” a” , “ae” , “is” or “e”. And a masculine name often ends with “as” as in Midas, es” like in Hermes , ” us” as in Rhesus , “os” as in Nikolos.
Many Greek traditions are still followed by the modern families. Greeks are very superstitious and religious and the traditions and superstitions can vary from village to village and island to island.

25 Beautiful Greek Baby Boy Names And Their Meanings

We are giving 25 Greek baby boy names with their meanings for you to choose from. Have a look below:

  1. Alexander: Protector of Mankind. In Greek mythology, it was another name for the hero “Paris”
  2. Altair: In Greek the meaning of the name Altair is “Bird”.
  3. Calix: The meaning of the name Calix is “very handsome””
  4. Cletus: In Greek the meaning of the name Cletus is “Illustrious””
  5. Darien: This beautiful name in Greek means a “Gift”
  6. Dinos: In Greek mythology, this name is given to the “God of Wine”
  7. Erasmus: “Beloved”. In Greek mythology, Saint Erasmus was a 4th century martyr who was the patron saint of sailors
  8. Eros: “Love”. According to Greek mythology, he was the son of Aphrodite, he was a young God armed with arrows that caused the victim to fall in love
  9. Eadric: “Wealthy Monarch”
  10. Faddey: “Gift Given by God”
  11. Gabriel: “God’s Bravest Man”
  12. Hermes: pile of stones, boundary marker, Hermes was a Greek God associated with “speed and Good Luck”
  13. Hagan: “Fire”
  14. Ibrahim: “Father of Multitude”
  15. Jabir: “One Who Comforts”
  16. Kyros: “Lordly”
  17. Leandros: “Brave as a Lion”
  18. Makarios: This is a popular Greek name and means “Blessed”
  19. Nikolos: Nikolos refers to “Victory of the People”
  20. Oreste: This name refers to being “Mountain”
  21. Petros: Petros refers to the Greek translation of the Aramaic byname “Kephas”, meaning “rock, stone.” In the bible, this is the name of one of Christ’s apostles
  22. Parthenios: The name Parthenios means “Like a Virgin”
  23. Rhesus: In Greek the meaning of the name Rhesus is “King of Thrace”
  24. Theophilus: “Loved by God”
  25. Seth: In Greek, this name means the “one who dazzles”
  26. Samouel: In Greek, this name translates into the phrase “His Name is God”
  27. Vasilis: The name refers to being a “King”
  28. Vernandos: “Strong as a Bear”
  29. Yanni: “God is Gracious”
  30. Zeus: Name of a “Greek God”. In Greek mythology, he was the highest of all Gods. He had control over the weather and thunderbolt was his weapon

Greek boy names

Tips To Choose a Baby Name

All of your relatives would be suggesting you the names of their choice. And you might also have shortlisted few names by now. We are giving you some basic tips that you can follow when naming your baby.

  • Sound: Pay attention to how does the name sound when you call out to your child, does it sound odd or too harsh? Also see how does the name sound with your surname. It should go with the surname but not sound too rhyming with the surname
  • Uniqueness: Avoid looking for an extremely unique name which has a possibility of people mispronouncing it. You do not want your child to constantly correct people over the pronunciation of his name. Also avoid a name which is already popular. Something like “Amit” is already so much popular that you will find 3 – 4 children named Amit in a school. Then to recognize them the teacher will tag them as Amit1, Amit2 and so on. Look for a name which is unique as well as easy to pronounce
  • Meaning: Pick a name which has a good meaning or significance. Avoid names which remind you of unfortunate incidences. To keep away from teasing at school, you may want to avoid naming him after a very famous person. Like if your surname is Bachchan, avoid the name “Amitabh Bachchan”

Finally, there is no correct way to find a name for the baby. You should go with the one which you and your family like.

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