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5 Tips To Wear Saree And Hide Post Baby Belly

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Saree is a graceful and elegant wear. Having a huge baby bump during your second and third trimester or having a postpartum bump should not stop you from wearing this. It is true that wearing a sari on second and third trimester is very tricky due to the growing belly. However, for traditional functions most of us prefer to wear Saree. Not only it gives you a gorgeous look, but also provide comfort and coverage during pregnancy and for hiding your baby bump after delivery. Do not hesitate to wear sari just because you do not like to flaunt your baby bump. It all depends upon knowing how cleverly you can use that six yard wonder.
Saree to hide babybelly

Choosing The Right Saree During And After Pregnancy

There are some general things that you should take care of before selecting your saree:

  1. Choose fabrics which are light weight: Wearing Saree will be very comfortable if you select light weight fabrics such as cotton, raw silk, linen which are easy to drape and help your skin to breath. A Saree in the right fabric will hide your body flaws and make your look sexy and graceful
  2. Avoid horizontal lines and pattern in your sari: Horizontal lines and pattern will make you look fatter and enhance your baby bump. So avoid selecting sari having such designs
  3. Use monochrome designs: Using monochrome designs (designs which only use different shades of the same color) makes your baby bump unnoticeable
  4. See what you are comfortable in: After pregnancy, your body would have gone a series of changes and you may not feel very comfortable in a variety of things. See what accentuates your body type but at the same time is comfortable for you

Choosing saree fabric

5 Ways To Wear A Saree To Hide The Post Baby Belly

These are 5 methods which you can try to wear sari with style during pregnancy and to hide post baby belly:

  1. Gujarati style: This is a traditional and beautiful way to drape a sari. Here you take the pallu pleats around and bring it over the right shoulder. Now pin it neatly so that the pleats hang in the front. You can either pin lower side of the top pleat of pallu slightly towards your left or tuck the top most layer in the back covering your postpartum bellygujrati style saree
  2. Classic Indian style with slight change: You can also wear sari normally with a slight change towards the end. After tucking in the pleats the pallu end should be pinned plainly without making any pleats. You can take one end around your back hold it so that your belly area is covered. In this style, you can also make a difference by stitching some hangings to the end that you hold
  3. Wear a belly band: You can also try wearing a belly band which is of the same color as your Saree. You can also make it at home if you have a creative mind. Select a stretchable material of same colors of your Saree (or border) and you can fix it with hooks or zip in the back. Wrap this around your belly. This will give an extra support and comfort if you are in your last trimester and also help you to hide baby bump after delivery. You can wear Saree in any style, above or below your belly without bothering of showing your post pregnancy baby bump
  4. Adding a stylish layer: Using an elegant jacket of the same material as Saree is another method which will give you style and comfort. Wearing contrast bright jacket after delivery is a good idea because the focus will be on the jacket there by making the viewer not notice the postpartum belly
  5. Bengali style: This is another way to wear the sari which will help to hide your belly as well, as this style is comparatively easy to wear if you are on your third trimester. In this style, pallu is wrapped around the body twice with two wide pleats in the front. Now place the pallu pleats on the left shoulderBengali style saree

Saree is an evergreen member of your wardrobe collection. So you don’t have to be doubtful wearing this elegant and versatile ware. Depending on the style in which you wear Saree and finding the perfect accessories to go with it, no one will notice your baby belly or postpartum belly.

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