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A Clean Baby, A Healthy Baby

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Hygiene is one of the most important factors in baby care and has to be given complete attention.  The best way to keep your baby happy and healthy is to keep a good watch on their hygiene. Babies are very sensitive and tender, and can be highly prone to attacks from germs and bacteria. So, it is necessary to hygienically sterilize their bottles, toys and clothing.

Mother’s milk has properties that protect babies from diseases and makes their immune system strong, but that is not the only factor contributing to immunity. Along with nursing her child, a mother needs to pay special attention to the child’s hygiene routine.

Babies develop a habit of cleanliness and hygiene if they are kept clean right from their birth. Apart from basic cleanliness, there are certain sections that require special attention to avoid rash or any kind of allergy. Give them a good bath, clean their nose, ears, eyes, trim their nails and change their diapers regularly to avoid rash.

Few tips to keep your baby clean and hygienic are:

  • Bathe Your Baby:

–  Bathing your baby twice or thrice a week is also sufficient as it cleans them of the dirt and grime. Since the skin of babies is tender and soft, at times excessive bathing can make their skin dry.

–  It is advised to give sponge bath till the navel area heals completely.

– The temperature of the water should neither be too hot, nor too cold. The best measure of the temperature is by dipping your elbow into the water to see if it’s comfortable for you.

– Never use harsh chemical products, use only baby products as they are designed especially for the tender and sensitive skin of babies. Always avoid using soap on their face.

–  One of your hands should always be on the baby’s body to support and protect the baby.

–  Use a soft and clean cloth to wipe the face, making sure the water does not enter the eyes or ears as it can have harmful effects.

– Immediately after the bath, wrap and dry your baby with a clean and soft towel.

– Always keep the floor dry so the risk of slipping or tripping can be reduced.

  • Trim the Nails:

Always keep the nails of your baby trimmed so that she does not scratch herself. Use baby-sized clean clipper for her delicate and sensitive nails and try cutting her nails when she is sleeping. Long nails are unhygienic for babies as they have the habit of sucking their fingers. Always keep their hands and nails clean but ensure that you do not cut the nails too deep as it can hurt the baby.

  • Care For The Ear:

Special attention should be given to your baby’s ears always ensuring that her ears are clean to avoid allergies. Never use cotton bud to clean the insides of your baby’s ears as it as it can damage the eardrum leading to deafness. Ear buds can be used to clean the exterior ear but it is preferable to use a soft and clean cloth even for that. Take the baby to the doctor for cleaning the wax if you think it is clogging the ear, otherwise the ear has a self-cleaning mechanism that spurts out the wax from inside the ear.

  • Clean The Nose:

Use a clean and dry cloth to clean the mucus in your baby’s  nose. It is important to keep the nose clean as blocked nose can make it difficult for the baby to breath with ease. If you feel that there is excessive mucus, consult your doctor to check for an allergy or infection.

  • Regular Diaper Check:

Always keep a check on her diaper and change it regularly taking care. It is advisable to use rash creams to prevent rash. Oils and petroleum jelly are also helpful in preventing moisture and dampness to attack the skin and cause a rash. Always wipe the bottom with cotton dipped in water and baby oil.

  • Eye Care:

Clean your baby’s precious eyes with damp soft cloth or a sterilized cotton ball to remove dirt from eyes. If she has any irritation or redness in the eyes, consult your doctor straight away.

  • Dental Hygiene:

Although milk teeth erupt when your child is around four-six months old yet you should ensure that your child is used to brushing with a finger brush that massages and stimulates gums and eases eruption of teeth. Make sure she brushes her teeth regularly when they erupt and visit your doctor if any decay takes place. Parents should be aware that even nursing babies sometimes have a condition called ‘Milk Caries’ that attacks the milk teeth of babies.

  • Always Use Clean Things For Your Baby:

Your baby is very delicate and to ensure that your precious child is safe and infection free, you should always sterilize her bottles, toys, spoons and clothes before using. To ensure that you are providing a healthy environment for your baby, keep your house clean so that it stays germ-free.

Remember, clean babies are happy babies. Bathing makes the mood of the baby relaxed and they get better sleep after a bath. Cleanliness should never be ignored and you should take care to provide hygiene training from the very beginning so that they develop the habit of staying clean and protected.

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