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A Negative Pregnancy Test – Probable Causes And Coping Tips

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Negative Pregnancy Test
Oh, why again? Why is it negative on the marker? If you are in a certain age bracket, you will be upset because you are running out of time. You simply cannot believe that you were not able to conceive despite everything you tried! A negative pregnancy test can spell frustration, sadness and even depression. Did you try the kit too early? And did you do it properly? Or maybe, you are not pregnant yet. A negative pregnancy test can be disappointing, your best bet – stay positive and move onto the next month.

Reasons For A Negative Pregnancy Test

Women follow a very common pattern of fearful projection. Something out of the order happens and you tend to think that your whole life has no meaning! You project the negative impact in the future, although you know deeply that the time to come is always unpredictable. At that moment of panic and being afraid, you forget everything and just focus on the negative emotions.
A negative result can be due to a hundred different factors. It may not mean that you are infertile! It doesn’t necessarily imply that your partner is infertile either. Instead of jumping to conclusions too soon, do look into the following reasons on the possible factors behind a negative outcome.

  1. Have you been stressed: See if you are trying too hard to conceive, it clearly shows that you are stressed. Please remember that conceiving a child is actually a mystery as many women with an otherwise well reproductive system can fail to conceive. The secret may be in the mind-body coordination.
    When you are emotionally stressed and depressed, your body may interpret it as a signal of not receiving a baby. After all, if you are not ready to care, you cannot be a mother. Your body automatically understands this and does not facilitate fertilization. Try to relax and enjoy your time in bed. The baby will come when you are ready in the subconscious even
  2. Maybe, it’s in the lifestyle: Lifestyle factors also affect fertility. If you drink and smoke too much, the results are going to show in accumulation of toxins. Obviously, you can also detoxify your body! The same goes for eating too much fast foods and other processed edibles. These are laden with chemical preservatives that seriously affect the body. Try good diets, detoxify your body, and drink plenty of water
  3. What causes a negative pregnancy test?

  4. It can also have to do with the ambience: Anything that affects your mood has an effect on fertility. If it had been gloomy and overcast for long where you live, you may feel depressed. The ambience where you live also affects your internal alchemy. If your home is dirty and unkempt, you do not feel that encouraged to have sex. It then becomes a forced act by yourself and your body does not respond with enthusiasm, both from the inside and outside
  5. In in doubt, see a doctor: Amazing fertility treatments are available nowadays. Although there is no absolute guarantee even there (see other factors above), yet they have a very high rate of success. Many women are able to conceive with the assistance of a fertility clinic. Also, do remember that it may take a few times before you have the baby. Apart from IUF and IVF, you can also get pregnant with the help from a sperm bank. Now, this will obviously need your partner’s consent, so that is a thing you need to check
Dealing with a negative pregnancy test
  1. Prepare your mood: Being a mother is not just about having a female reproductive system. Many years of dreaming and wishing at last grows into a seed of desire, which waits for the perfect partner. If you have never really wished a baby before, thinking that you are not exactly mother-material, you may actually have trouble getting pregnant. Consent to yourself in full. You may trick your mind to believe in a half-wish, but your body will know the truth internally. There are many ways to prepare your mood! See romantic movies; enjoy traveling with your partner, look for the small delights of life, all this! You know’em!
  2. Talk to someone, even yourself: Well, take your time to calm down. Talk with your best friend or your ever-smiling partner if need be. Talk and confide your feelings to yourself. But don’t crass or blame yourself. Talk positive. Talk hope and stay assured that it will, eventually happen
  3. Coping with a negative pregnancy test

  4. Take your mind off: Get some fun in your life. Do cry and feel sad, but then come out of it. Begin afresh, begin anew for the next cycle, and do not loose hope till the cycle does not come to an end
  5. Love: Love is such a widely prevalent emotion that it often loses its original meaning. Love is not a financial understanding. It is not an act of doing favors either. It is not about saying sweet nothings, which do not mean anything! Do you love yourself truly? Do you love your partner fully? Does he love you as much as you care for him? Find answers to these three questions and you can easily decide whether the love holds true in your life. The basic point is unless your body recognizes a loving signal, then it is not ready to carry a baby yet

It is not the end of world even when women have menopause. Although it sounds unbelievable, but ovaries do get ‘reawakened’ after menopause even! Scientists have developed a procedure to that end. Of course, it is always advisable to conceive before menopause. Nevertheless, the point is that it is important to lose hope never. Miracles happen!

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