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Beautiful And Easy Wool Craft Ideas For Kids

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Woolen craft
Wool looks beautiful to wear and it is awesome for craft-work too. There are so many crafts that you and your kid can make with wool. Its texture and color is so enticing that they will thoroughly enjoy it. These crafts you do with them will further hone their motor skills. So, wake the child in you and enjoy to your heart’s content.

10 Beautiful And Easy Wool Craft Ideas For Kids

Here we are suggesting 10 cutest wool crafts which you can try with your kid to nurture his creative side.

Woolen dolls

  1. Wool Dolls:
    Supplies: Wool, Scissors, Ribbon
    How to Make Woolen Dolls:

    • To make the arms of the doll, wrap wool around your fingers
    • Tie up the arms at both ends with 2 small pieces of wool
    • Cut the loops from both sides to make fingers and hands
    • To make the body of the doll, wrap the wool onto something larger like a book or calculator etc.
    • Tie up the body with a small piece of wool at one end and then cut the loop from the other end to make the dress
    • Part the dress from middle and insert the arms in the middle.
    • At just below the arms tie the dress using another piece of wool. Tie the ribbon on top of it
  2. Wool Wrapped Vase:
    Supplies: a tall glass jar, various bright colors wool, cello tape, scissors
    How To Make Woolen Wrapped Vase:

    • Wrap the wool around the jar
    • Repeat it with the remaining yarn
    • You can use this vase either for fresh flowers or paper ones

    Woolen pom poms

  3. Wool Pom Poms:
    Supplies: Cardboard
    How To Make Woolen Pom Pom:

    • Cut two cardboard circles and make a hole in center of each cardboard circle. Lay the circles together
    • Wrap the wool around the circles until it is completely covered
    • Cut the wool from in between the two circles. Tie the wool firmly in between the two circles
    • Cut the cardboard out and trim the wool with scissors until it becomes a fluffy and round ball
  4. Wool Bookmarks:
    Supplies: Large paper clips, wool, scissors, glue
    How To Make Woolen Bookmarks:

    • Fold the wool around 2 fingers. Fold 10-15 times
    • Tie it up in the middle with a piece of wool to make a bow shape
    • Insert or tie it on the closed end of the paper clip
    • You can also use some glittery stars to decorate the bow some more. Spread little glue on the wool and then sprinkle the glitters over it

    Woolen photo frame

  5. Wool Photo Frames:
    Supplies: Stiff cardboard box, wool in multiple colors, scissors, decorative items
    How To Make Woolen Photo Frame:

    • Cut a square of a size of a photo frame
    • Cut another square from inside the first one
    • Wrap the wool on the frame until it’s covered completely
    • Decorate it with the decorative items
  6. Heart Wool Cards:
    Supplies: wool, thick card, pencil, scissors, heart template, large threading needles, eraser
    How To Make Heart Woolen Cards:

    • Cut the card into a size which you want to use for your card
    • Draw the heart on the card using a heart template and a pencil
    • Now punch holes along the line of the heart with a needle
    • Erase the pencil marks and thread the wool through the holes in different directions after you are done cut the wool and tie it up on the underside

    Woolen wreaths

  7. Wool Wreath Craft:
    Supplies: Stiff cardboard box, scissors, yarn, decorative items like stars, flowers, sequins
    How To Make Woolen Wreaths:

    • Cut a circle of a size you like
    • Cut another circle from the center to make a donut shape
    • Wrap one or multi color wool around the donut shaped circle to cover it completely
    • Decorate your wreath with the decorative items as you like

    Woolen bracelets

  8. Wool Bracelet:
    Supplies: Toilet roll core, wool, cello tape.
    How To Make Woolen Bracelets:

    • Cut the toilet roll into 3 or 4 equal round piece
    • Make a cut through the toilet roll slices to make it like an expendable bracelet
    • Start wrapping the wool onto each slice of roll
    • Use cello tape and glue on both ends from inside to stick the wool after wrapping
    • Use colors like sky blue or pink wool to make beautiful bracelets
  9. Jelly Fish Craft
    Supplies: Sponge, 4 strands of wool, 4 pieces of wire, 2 googly eyes, glue
    How to Make Jelly Fish Craft:

    • Cut the sponge in the shape of a jelly fish
    • Stick the googly eyes on jelly fish body with glue
    • Cut wire into several pieces
    • Wrap wool over the wire
    • Insert ends of wool into the sponge(at the bottom)
    • Use glue to stick it further

    Woolen key chain

  10. Wool Keychain:
    Supplies: small cardboard piece, wool of two colors, key ring, glue
    How To Make Woolen Keychains:

    • Cut the cardboard box in 2*8 cm piece
    • Cut 5 pieces of wool of 40 cms
    • Insert one color wool at the end of the chain of key ring and tie a knot
    • Stick the wool pieces to the cardboard using the glue
    • At the back of the cardboard stick one end of second color wool and start wrapping the wool over the first one, do it horizontal to the first one
    • Wrap the wool 10 times then flip the first wool over the second and now lifting the first wool, wrap the second over the exposed cardboard 3 times
    • Again put the first wool over the cardboard and wrap the second wool 10 times again
    • Repeat this until woven key ring is completed

These fun activities are for kids of all ages. Do share your craft ideas with us.

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