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10 Different Types Of Braces For Your Kids

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As your little one grows up, his pearly teeth fall off and new teeth emerge. And this is when you realize that that sometimes they resemble bunny teeth or are not well aligned or have some minor issue that needs to be set right. A good set of well aligned teeth plays a very big role as far as looks are concerned and not all are blessed with it. But with the advancement in the field dentistry, you have innumerable solutions available in order to ensure that your child‘s teeth and jaw are made perfect which will help him to have that wonderful smile that boosts not only his confidence but adds to his overall appearance.
Dental braces for kids

What Are Dental Braces?

Dental braces aid to fix teeth with forceful movements due to the pressure that is put by the braces that are attached to the teeth. Once your child attains the permissible age, you can take him or her to the dentist who will be able to recommend the right type of braces in order to rectify your child’s teeth and help to bring about that wonderful smile. There are various braces suited for different teeth issues and your dentist will be the best person to advice on what is best your kid’s teeth. Be it arches, brackets or wires, there are a wide variety of options as far as braces are concerned.

10 Different Types Of Teeth Braces For Your Child

Here is a list of 10 common types of braces available in the market today:

  1. Traditional braces:These are the traditional type of braces made from stainless steel or titanium. The kid has to stop chewing gum and his favorite bag of potato chips once he starts wearing these braces. This process involves fixing metal brackets to each and every tooth that are fastened with the help of elastic rubber bands that assists in positioning the arch wire into the metal bracket. There have been a lot of advancement in traditional braces and now they are lighter in weight and structure than the ones available earlier
  2. Self-Ligating Teeth Braces: They are opted by a lot of patients as they require very little adjustments and are quite painless compared to the other braces. Although quite expensive, these braces do not require elastic ties and make use of a wire that is passed through the brackets. They are much better as compared to the traditional ones
  3. Damon Braces: This is the only option that makes use of slides as a substitute for wiring. This is one of the self ligating techniques of teeth correction and offers better hygiene as rings are nonexistent. The wires can slide quite freely via the slots without causing any friction
  4. “A” Braces: This is a completely new innovation that permits the patient to remove, align and adjust the braces without any help. Since they have an “A” shape, they get that name and they come with palate retainers that can also be adjusted. Since pressure is quite low, there is not much pain involved. However they need to be removed every night before going to sleep
  5. Titanium Braces: These braces are quite identical to steel braces. However they are much lighter and at the same time sturdier compared to the steel ones. Suppose your child has a nickel allergy, this is the best option for him or her. The only disadvantage is that they are very costly
  6. fixing dental braces

  7. Clear Braces: These braces offer a clear appearance to the teeth and come in a huge variety of colors. They have excellent aesthetic value as they are camouflaged perfectly as compared to the conventional braces. These braces are made of stronger material and are self -ligating too although they are susceptible to extreme friction. The only disadvantage is there are chances of teeth becoming brittle towards the final stage of treatment
  8. Invisalign braces: These are nothing but impressions of the teeth in plastic. They are used for people who have crooked teeth and are quite exorbitantly priced. They are technically hi-tech as they offer computer stimulated progress as far as treatment is concerned. These braces are tailor-made and take quite some time to be delivered after an order is placed
  9. Spring Aligners: These braces are very springy and thus become very convenient to wear. However they can be used to align only bottom and top 6 teeth. Although they are priced comparatively higher, they are much more comfortable to wear
  10. Lingual Braces: These braces are very different from ordinary braces as they are placed at the back of the teeth. The procedure is very time consuming and can cause a lot of tongue irritation too. The biggest advantage is their invisibility. They make use of metal brackets for the same and are costly too
  11. Gold plated stainless steel braces: These braces come with a slight yellow tinge as against the metallic or silver appearance of other braces. Made from stainless steel, these braces are ideal for people who have nickel allergy. They are quite popular among people who want a rich appearance
    1. So do go ahead and find out the perfect type of braces for your child so that it will rectify your child’s teeth and bring back that lovely smile on your little one’s face. The right treatment and procedure can make a huge difference in your child’s appearance.
      If your child is wearing teeth braces, then make sure to tell us in the comments section below the type of braces he/she is wearing and your experience about it.

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