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Brewer’s Yeast When Breastfeeding

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Every mother knows the importance of breast milk for her baby. If breast milk production is inadequate, then the baby’s growth will get hampered. Moreover, the immunity power of the baby will be very low. A healthy diet program is needed to increase the breast milk product for every mother. But, some new mothers might even try brewer’s yeast, which is a dietary supplement containing protein, iron, vitamin B, chromium, selenium, and some other nutritious elements. Brewer’s Yeast has worked for many, but will it work for every new mom? Is it safe to take Brewer’s Yeast? Let’s discuss all these things in this article.

What Is Brewer’s Yeast?

Brewer’s Yeast is dried and deactivated type of fungus which is made from a one-celled organism called Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Mostly, brewer’s yeast is used to brew beverages made from alcohol. It is usually created as a by-product of beer brewing, and thus, it is has got its name as brewer’s yeast. Sometimes, it gets used in bread making as well, but the baker’s yeast is a different thing from the brewer’s yeast. It also contains 52% of protein and B-complex vitamins.

Is It Safe To Take Brewer’s Yeast While Breastfeeding?

Many new moms wonder whether it is safe or not to take brewer’s yeast while breastfeeding. But the fact of the matter is, it is yet to be known whether taking brewer’s yeast while breastfeeding is safe or not. The scientific researches made on it are not sufficient enough to come to any conclusion. Many medical practitioners suggest a doctor’s consultation before taking brewer’s yeast.

Does Brewer’s Yeast Help Improve Breast Milk Supply?

Brewer’s yeast might have been used to improve the breast milk generation of the new moms in the past. But, scientific researches prove that there is a little chance for that to happen. Also, some studies have found the ambiguous nature of the brewer’s yeast like other galactagogues. As the results of using brewer’s yeast for lactating mothers have been ambiguous, it is necessary to go for doctor’s consultation before actually using it. Remember, the result of using brewer’s yeast might depend on the person using it.

What Is Ideal Brewer’s Yeast Dosage During Lactation?

Most health experts recommend taking brewer’s yeast 3 tablespoons each day while lactating. If you see improvement in the production of breast milk then it’s all right. Otherwise, you may have to increase it around ½ tablespoons per day. Even if you don’t get any result after consuming for many weeks, you should stop it right then and go for a doctor’s consultation.

How To Take Brewer’s Yeast During Breastfeeding?

You can have brewer’s yeast in two forms, one is a tablet and the other is powder. From the powder, you can make various preparations such as cookies or you can dissolve it in the water and have it. One to two tablespoon of brewer’s yeast per day is safe. The dosage of the tablets of brewer’s yeast is not a fixed one and it depends on the company of the tablet you are consuming as the content of brewer’s yeast in it may vary from one manufacturer to the other. Normally 2 to 3 tablets three times a day is considered safe. Thus, it is always a better option to take powdered brewer’s yeast because you will be able to gauge the right dosage.

What Are The Health Benefits Of Brewer’s Yeast?

There is no doubt that the brewer’s yeast can be a great source for various micronutrients and vitamins which will increase the immunity power of the person. Moreover, if you want a large amount of protein, brewer’s yeast can be a great option for you. It can also give you respite from the skin problems such as acne. Patients suffering from diabetes can also find help by taking brewer’s yeast in a controlled way on a daily basis. Here are some of the important nutrients that you can get from brewer’s yeast:

  • Selenium
  • Chromium
  • Phosphorus
  • Vitamin B-complex
  • A large amount of protein along with amino acids of 16 variants

You should also know that brewer’s yeast is also taken as a health supplement to increase the amount of selenium and B-complex vitamins in the body.

Are There Any Side Effects Of Brewer’s Yeast?

There are some individuals who have taken brewer’s yeast and got allergic reactions because of it in their body. Nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, etc. are some of the symptoms of allergic reaction from brewer’s yeast. Also, certain side-effects like gassiness, headache, and stomach bloating are also very much apparent for those who intake brewer’s yeast regularly. You can get an anaphylactic shock if your allergic reaction is mighty severe. Other side effects include:

  • Increases the risk of vaginal yeast infection in mothers who are prone to yeast infection.
  • It may dangerously lower the blood sugar level in some people
  • It may react or impede with some medications.

When To Stay Away From Brewer’s Yeast?

  • Past Incidents of Food Allergy: If you have a history of being allergic to foods such as mushrooms, you should stay away from brewer’s yeast as well.
  • Diabetic Patients: If you are a diabetic patient and if you take medications for it then consult with your doctor before having brewer’s yeast because it can cause a sudden fall of your blood sugar level.
  • Patients on Anti-Depressant Medications: Because of the presence of the compound called tyramine in brewer’s yeast, it is important not to take it along with anti-depressant medications. It can elevate the chances of a stroke or heart attack as well.
  • Patients Suffering from IBD: If you are suffering from inflammatory bowel syndrome then you should not consume brewer’s yeast.

Finally, looking at brewer’s yeast from the perspective of a lactating mother, the evidence is inconclusive as far as its efficacy is concerned. But it can be taken as a nutritional supplement. However, before you go for brewer’s yeast, it is highly recommended that you go for a doctor’s consultation and if your doctor allows you to include it in your diet then you should use it.

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