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Cleaning Baby Ears

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Cleaning baby's earsThe old saying “Never put anything in your baby’s ears smaller than your elbow” holds actually true. Generally it is advised to try not taking out earwax of infants as it may cause harm to baby ears. Using cotton swabs to clean inner wax of the baby’s ear may damage the eardrum – never consider that. Earwax works as natural protector for the baby’s ear. It prevents germs and other waste particles to reach inner part of the baby’s ear by acting as a shell. It automatically falls down or gets thrown out from the ear when it exceeds, without even your noticing. We can say the ear canals are self –cleaners. Ideally, we should not be much concerned about earwax in baby’s ear. In some cases, wax is formed faster and accumulates in the ear blocking the ear canal. This is when it needs to be cleared as it may cause earache or hearing problem. You could opt seeing a doctor. It needs to be done very carefully following these steps:

  1. Never use Q-tip to clean baby’s ear wax. You may push the wax deeper by q-tip making the condition worst.
  2. Have your baby lie down on your lap with blocked year up.
  3. Take someone’s help to hold your baby’s hand so that she does not move it much.
  4. Using cotton buds, try to take out earwax gently. Do not try to insert cotton bud too deep in baby’s ear. You may hurt her.
  5. Clean the outer wax gently. You may use damp cloth to clean the outer wax.
  6. If you still see more wax in the inner part, consult your doctor. If there is any problem which needs attention he would let you know.

For general cleaning of the baby’s ears, it is good to clean them while bathing. Use clean and damp cloth to clean the outer part of the ears. If you see any drainage-yellowish, brownish or any milky pus/blood, you must show it to the doctor. Do not try to clean it at home.

Many ready-to-use solutions are available in drug stores to soften the hard wax in the ear. For elder kids it may be used to clean the ears but it is not recommended for babies. As explained, earwax acts as a protection cover, so it should be cleaned to prevent any blockage but should not be eliminated altogether. An abnormal build up of wax in the ear may cause many problems in babies. Sometimes it gets too hard that it may cause pain in ear canal walls. You should then consult the doctor. We are so much of concerned about inner cleaning of the ear that we do not pay attention to one area which also needs to be cleaned regularly. Babies get small cuts or rashes behind the ears on joints. This area should be cleaned with soft damp cloth every time while giving them bath. After cleaning it apply some lotion or cream.

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