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Effective Ways To Handle Top 10 Parenting Problems

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Parenting involves creating a stable and nurturing environment for a child so as to raise a responsible adult tomorrow. As parents, we need to promote and support the physical, social, emotional, financial and intellectual development of a child from infancy to adulthood. If done right, it can one be of the most marvelous experiences ever. A parent experiences new challenges every day, so it important to manage them effectively for the well-being of the child. Open communication and mutual respect are two pillars on which effective parenting rests – enabling the adults of tomorrow to take sound, responsible decisions and lead happy, content lives.
Parents and children

Effective Ways To Handle Top 10 Parenting Problems

However, parenting is not an easy task – it takes a lot of effort, perseverance, patience, dedication, sacrifices and firmness to raise individuals who are not only responsible adults but also prove to be an asset for the society. And that, dear parents, is a path laden with problems which need to be resolved with continuous, never dying attitude. Following are common problems that parents face and go crazy about – but we have given you ways to handle them calmly, effectively and most importantly, making your child understand the very solution.

  1. How To Deal With A Tantrum-Throwing Child?: When a parent finds the child is not hurt but is crying continuously without valid reasons and her grumpiness persists for long periods, it becomes annoying.
    In such a scenario,

    • It is advisable that parents do not lose their cool and try to handle the child with a lot of patience
    • Talk to the child and tell him/her that he will be listened to only if he stops his / her crying
    • The child should be made to realize the fact that their parents are not easily unnerved by the tantrums they throw around
  2. How To Deal With A Disobedient Child?: Many parents of today find that their children do not obey them – infact, it seems like one of the most common parenting issue. Obedience is not a one time lesson, but a habit that stays life-long.
    In such a scenario,

    • Do not tolerate rude behavior from the child
    • Try to find out the reasons for such behavior, while respecting. their opinions
    • Parents should be aware what is right and what is wrong – what is permissible and what is not and explain the same to the child
    • Staying calm while dealing with a child, rather than shouting or being rude, is known to have a more positive impact on the child. A child considers you as his first role model- the better you conduct yourself, the better chances of the child emulating you
  3. How To Deal With Sibling Rivalry?: With two or more children in the house, there are good chances of sibling rivalry. This can be a big challenge for parents to handle. There can be frequent fights, and arguments, which put the parents in an awkward situation.
    In such a scenario,

    • Parents should deal with every child individually and make them cool down
    • They should try and remain impartial, as taking sides may hurt a child’s sentiment
    • It is better not to judge as to who is right or wrong, and let children figure out on their own
    • It is better to make certain rules in the family in advance so there are lesser issues later
  4. How To Deal With White Lies?: A lie which is told in a way that it does not cause harm is called a white lie. This is very common among children. At times, they are not even aware they are actually lying. But it can become a habit before you know it, and may become an inherent part of their character.
    In such a scenario,

    • Never punish the child when you come to know they are lying
    • The child should be made to realize why lying is wrong and they should be allowed to learn on their own through experience. They should be given enough time to realize their mistake
  5. How To Deal With An Aggressive and Violent Child?: An angry child can cause a lot of stress to parents. Constantly hearing of or receiving complaints of their child beating up other kids or resorting to violence can be very frustrating. Violence can often be a way to get things done for a child and that can be a life-damaging trait.
    In such a scenario,

    • The parent should get to the roots of such behavior, as such aggression might sometimes stem from the silliest of reasons
    • Have a calm, one-to-one conversation with the child to find a solution
    • If anger pangs continue despite that, it is a cause of concern that calls for counseling or anger management therapy
  6. How To Deal With A Whining Child?: It is common among some children to complain every time. Most parents tend to take the behavior as part of the child’s personality and ignore it. However, this attitude might get out of control and get difficult to correct as the child grows, as he may become pessimistic and find fault with everything in life.
    In such a scenario,

    • When parents are witness to such regular incidents, they can come to the conclusion that the child is doing it only to seek attention
    • Taking time out and have a small chat with the child could be of great help as it can help to figure out the reason behind such behavior
  7. Happy family

  8. How To Deal With Resistance During Studies?: Sometimes the child can show lack of interest in studies or even go to the extent of completely hating and avoiding it. This will result in a sudden dip in the child’s academic performance.
    In such a scenario,

    • Find out what exactly the child is interested in and try to support the child in her ideas
    • In case the child makes a poor choice, the parent should take this as an opportunity to get to their side and support them in getting back on their feet and trying again
    • It is necessary to console them when they make a mistake and help them learn from experience
  9. How To Deal With Poor eating Habits?: With the increasing number of food options around, the child has greater access to junk food. While it is better not to force the child to eat food she / he dislikes, parents can take steps to ensure the diet has healthy nutrition levels.
    In such a scenario,

    • Prepare food that the child likes using healthier ingredients
    • Involve the child in the cooking process so that they develop a greater interest in what they eat
  10. How To Deal With Addiction to Modern Gadgets?: With the increasing penetration of technology in our lives, children develop an affinity towards modern gadgets. Excessive use of the internet is prevalent among children of today.
    In such a scenario,

    • Parents have to set some disciplinary rules for the child to adhere regarding the limited use of gadgets
    • There should be a strict supervision of what the child is viewing
    • They could be also distracted from these gadgets by introducing them to various other interesting hobbies and activities
  11. How To Deal With Shyness and Lack of Confidence?: Some children are low in confidence and this becomes a serious cause of concern among parents. This may lead to the child not mingling among their peers and end up feeling left out.
    In such a scenario,

    • Parents have to understand their child’s personality and try to develop solutions without being harsh
    • This shyness or lack of confidence might vanish after a certain age, so the parent has to be patient with the child
    • Parent should not force the child to mix around with friends, as this might have the opposite effect and lead to the child going into a shell

From all these problems, we can conclude that a parent must trust the child’s goodness, be happy and proud of their achievements, whatever they may be. When we judge, yell at them or do not patiently hear their part of the story, we are actually pushing our sense of integrity into them and not letting them learn through their own experience.

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