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10 Simple And Interesting Egg Recipes For Babies

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Egg is highly nutritious and therefore must definitely be made part of our little one’s diet. By the time the baby is 8 months we can start egg yolk but we need to wait for a whole year before introducing egg white. New born babies tend to be allergic to egg white and therefore it is best avoided.
egg recipes

Benefits Of Egg Yolk For Babies

Contrary to popular belief, egg yolk is not just a primordial source of protein alone but is a powerhouse packed with several other nutrients too, the chief ones being, Vitamins (A, B3, B6, D and E), B12, folic acid, niacin, riboflavin, thiamine and inositol. Therefore, it is imperative that egg yolk must be made the chief ingredient or at least an accompaniment in our baby’s diet every day.

10 Simple Egg Recipes For Babies

The internet is spilling over with simple easy to do recipes with eggs that are palatable to the little tongue. The egg is neutral and therefore can be added to most foods to enrich the nutritional value of most foods. We bring to you 10 simple egg recipes that can be prepared easily and will be loved by fussy eaters as well.

  1. Hard-boiled egg yolk
    • Boil the eggs in water for about 10 minutes and let it cool
    • When cooled, peel and mash it
    • Add pepper and serve. Alternately, you could even add milk or yoghurt to it depending on your baby’s taste and preference
  2. boiled egg yolk

  3. Egg yolk scramble
    • Separate yolk from the white and scramble it in a bowl of milk. You could add vegetables to it if you like
    • Heat oil in a pan and pour the scrambled egg on it
    • Cook over medium heat until it is cooked. If you have introduced cheese to your baby’s diet then you could add cheese if you like
  4. scrambled egg

  5. Egg oatmeal scramble
    • Heat oil in a pan. Simultaneously whisk two eggs in a bowl
    • Cook oatmeal separately and keep aside
    • To the heated oil, add the cooked oatmeal, fruits and vegetables (of your choice)
    • Finally add the whisked eggs and gently scramble until the whole mixture is well cooked
    • Cut into bite size pieces and serve. This works as finger food and babies seem to love it as an alternative to the regular finger foods
  6. oats and egg scramble

  7. Poached Eggs
    • Pour water in a bowl, crack an egg and put it in it
    • Leave the egg in a microwave for a minute. Check to see if it is completely boiled so that the yolk does not run. If required let it microwave for about 35-40 seconds more
    • Serve with salt and sprinkle a little pepper

    This is a traditional recipe and is an instant hit among most babies.

  8. poached eggs

  9. Omelet
    • Whisk egg with milk/yogurt, salt and vegetables (stir-fried carrot, peas, finely chopped tomatoes) until they are mixed well
    • Heat oil in a pan and gently pour the mixture. Cook until it turns golden and the eggs are cooked well. Remove, cut into bite size pieces and add grated cheese if your baby loves it. Serve at room temperature
  10. egg omelette

  11. Egg Soufflé
    • Beat an egg and if required you can add either vegetables (beans and carrot) or paneer to enhance the taste
    • Pour it in a small greased vessel and bake it for about 10 minutes. Make sure that the egg is set before removing it
    • You can season it with pepper/oregano or serve it as is
  12. egg souffle

  13. Sunny Side Up
    This is quite popular even among grown-ups as it can be prepared in minutes, yet very tasty

    • Pour a teaspoon of oil in a pan and crack an egg on it
    • If your baby does not like runny yolk, you can toss the omelet, but make sure you don’t cook it too long. That will harden it. This is ideal for babies above 1 year
  14. sunny side up

  15. Carrot Custard with Egg
    • Cook and puree carrots (1/3 cup)
    • To this add egg yolk and milk and beat the whole mixture well
    • Heat the mixture in medium flame stirring continuously so that there are no lumps
    • Remove from heat, let it cool and serve

    Babies under a year will enjoy this, but for older ones, this is too bland. You need to add some seasoning (any herbs) to enhance the taste

  16. egg and carrot custard

  17. Egg Dosa
    • Prepare the batter before and keep ready
    • Pour the batter on the pan, spread it (but not too thin)
    • Crack an egg on it
    • Flip and cook both sides as you would do for normal dosa
    • For taste you can sprinkle pepper on top. Cool and serve
  18. egg dosa

  19. Egg Sandwich
    This is suitable for kids above 8 months when we need to introduce more solids to make the baby chew. Their gums are quite strong at this stage and they can chew well

    • Mash egg yolk, add salt and butter and mix well until it is creamy in texture
    • Spread it between the slices
    • Cut the slices into bite size pieces
    • If needed you can add mashed avocadoes to it for taste
  20. egg sandwich
    As already mentioned before, egg is versatile and can be cooked on its own and combined with other foods to add nourishment and taste. But when it comes to babies, start with one whole egg or yolks of two eggs a day. If they are not comfortable with the taste, try to bring in variation by adding fruits and vegetables that the baby may prefer. Some babies may develop rashes after consuming eggs so make sure you watch out for that. Otherwise, it healthy and tasty and a great food for babies and adults alike.

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