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12 Must Have Pregnancy Products

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Are you pregnant? Apart from tons of shopping for the baby that everyone focuses on, there are some things that you need for yourself. Things that take your mind off swollen feet, sleepless nights, leg cramps and that growling and ever-growing tummy. Here is a list of 12 products that every pregnant woman should have. So go ahead and enjoy the shopping spree. (If you are the friend or family member of a pregnant woman, the list might also give you some great gifting ideas).
Maternity shopping list

12 Must Have Pregnancy Products
    1. Perfume to smell better: Most of the regular perfumes you use might be too strong for you during pregnancy as you become hyper-sensitive to smell. Plus, some perfumes are not even considered safe. Pick a light perfume that will keep your nausea at bay, and make you smell great for yourself. Many women swear citrus smell does the trick
    2. Cocoa butter to lessen stretch marks: Doctors would tell you that no medicine can assure you a stretch mark free pregnancy. But cocoa butter goes a long way in reducing the appearance of them. If nothing else, it imparts a sweet smell and some softness to that tight skin of yours. Buy a roll-on tube so that it is easy to apply. Better still, get your partner to apply it for you!

cocoa butter

    1. Maternity clothes because you are getting big: Your regular size would be tight and the bigger sizes will make you look like a hanger. You might really need maternity wear in the beginning and ideally you should wait till third trimester to buy maternity pants. But well, some dresses definitely make your bump look cuter! Find something comfortable, yet stylish for your evenings out
    2. Comfortable shoes to walk it out: This is an absolute must especially if you were using a lot of heels before. Some comfortable walking shoes that are slip ones (you do not want to bend down and tie laces with a big tummy) would be a great idea. Opt for solids, and choose slip-ons as your feet tend to get bigger and swollen as time goes by
    3. Body pillow to sleep well: Long body pillows that can support both your tummy and legs are a blessing for all sleeping troubles of pregnant women. As you get bigger, the sleeping positions become more and more uncomfortable and a body pillow can help. Many of these body pillows can later double up as nursing pillows too

maternity pillow

    1. Essential oils / bathing salts for a relaxed bath: Nothing like a long relaxing bath to calm and de-stress your body and mind. Visit a spa boutique and pick some bathing salts and essential oils with good fragrance (we are thinking lavender!). Now light that candle and get into the bathtub! But do not stay in there for long as hot baths and showers may not be absolutely safe for your baby
    2. Netflix because you need to chill: You need your TV time! Netflix, or your regular satellite TV operator, make sure you have enough entertainment on TV to keep yourself engaged and happy. Watch some interesting pregnancy movies and chill out!
    3. Sweet treats to help you avoid nausea: While it is not a good idea to indulge in sugary treats, it is okay to keep a small bag of candies in your purse to use when you feel that rush of nausea. Again, citrus flavors are known to help. Lollipops are also a good bet, and some favorite candies might just do the trick

sweets and candies

    1. IPod to kill boredom in waiting rooms: You are going to be spending a lot of time in hospitals – in the waiting room waiting for your appointment, outside the radiology room waiting for your scan, in the labor room waiting for your delivery. A handy ipod will keep your mind off anxiety and boredom. If you are a books person, keep a novel (or an e-reader like Kindle) handy in your bag at all times and read some great pregnancy books
    2. A good pregnancy tracking app: Check out your phone’s app store and you will see many apps that will help you keep track of your pregnancy, doctor’s appointments, your baby’s development (on a weekly basis), and the questions you should ask the doctor at each visit. It might require a bit of trial and error, but find an app that you find convenient and leverage it when you have questions
    3. Good headphones: You always knew music has a soothing effect on you. Did you know that it can help the baby too? Some studies indicate that unborn babies benefit from listening to music. Put on a soothing song in low volume and place the headphone on your tummy

pregnant woman headphones

  1. A masseuse: Not exactly a “product”, but more of a service. You need someone to massage those tired, swollen legs. Get a home service from a local spa, sit back and relax

We suggest you go right ahead and indulge. Once the baby comes, all your shopping energy will be channeled towards onesies and rompers and teethers. So this your chance!
Happy pregnancy!

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