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Fine Motor Skills Development : 12-24 Months

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By 12 -24 months you will see enhancement in various motor skills like walking, running, climbing, scribbling, and throwing etc. When your toddler becomes 2 she achieves quite a few milestones as she can now:

  1. Pull toys behind her, while walking.
  2. You see her walking and running very often.
  3. Kicking a ball, moving the steering of her big toy car (in which she can sit).
  4. Able to enjoy swings, slides (made for small kids), merry –go-rounds in park but with assistance.

    At Around 2 years, babies start enjoy swinging

  5. Playing with blocks and trying to make towers.
  6. Able to tell you when she has to pee or go for potty.
  7. Some even try to wear their pants by their own.
  8. Recognize a few basic colours.
  9. Can Drink water holding a glass or cup by own.
  10. Try imitating you while you work or talk over the phone.
  11. Scribbling may take the form of standing or sleeping lines.

Her hand and eye co-ordination increases during this stage. She is ready to start her potty training by 2 or even little earlier (it depends on child’s growth and learning skills). You may start with few basic and easily learned rhymes with. Among most of some easy waist and hand movements the children one important and fast improving skill by 24 months is being talkative. They just love to speak whatever they can! You may see her very often using chairs to reach to something which is beyond their reach. Be sure to be around during such activities as the toddlers in this age are not aware of what is good or bad to them. They might hurt themselves due to curiosity of learning new things.
They show preferences of right or left hand to take an object. Start identifying body parts. Say two –three sentences. Help in washing their hands or taking their shoes, clothes off. By now they know more than few hundred words. They love to listen to short rhymes.
Eating on her is something for which she will insist you now. It may be messy but it’s a part of learning so let her do so. Throwing a ball and then bringing it back, repeating this, is a good physical activity for her. She may try standing on tips of her toes. Climbing on bed and sofas is fun for her at this age. She might be able to wear her footwear on her own, especially the ones that are strapped. She will love to press the laptop’s alphabet keys while watching them on screen on word pad. At the age of 12-24 months, toddlers learn to express themselves using their eyes, giving expressions and using hand gestures. She might try to stand on one leg or use stairs to go up with your support.

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