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First Timers Checklist

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First-Timers-ChecklistWhat could be the best news for a married couple planning to have a baby?  Yes! You are right – the news of becoming parents!
There it is. When you get to know about it for the first time, there is happiness all over your face but along with that happiness, concerns about the various aspects of parenting may also start bothering you.

Apart from career impacts and financial readiness, which actually form a huge chunk of your worries while planning a baby, there are many other questions that will be flooding your mind, cluttering it with many ifs, whats, whys, and hows.

We say you simply list out your apprehensions and concerns on a sheet of paper and discuss it with each other. Common queries are:

1. Are we ready for the responsibility that is coming our way?
2. Will we be able to take care of our little one?
3. How will we manage the change in schedule that will soon be there?
4. Should we start gathering books on parenting to start our preparation?
5. How do we share the news with others?
6. Which doctor should we consult?
7. What precautions should be taken during pregnancy?
8. What all should be purchased for the coming baby?
9. Should we buy stuff for a baby girl or a baby boy?
10. What all will be needed to be taken to the hospital?

If you still don’t believe all this then you must meet one such couple who is stepping into parenthood. But as soon as the news sinks in, they gradually tend to enjoy each moment of pre-natal period.
There is this sense of responsibility in the expecting mother to start taking precautions. While eating, she starts choosing her food intelligently. The husband may also be seen worrying about his wife’s lifestyle. The elderly people in the family always have some caring advice for the mother-to-be, For example, They want the expecting mother to avoid a few things viz., lifting heavy stuff, bending too much,  wearing heels,  eating junk food  and so on.

After a baby is born, there is again a new list of questions that might come your way.

1. How to keep people away from the child so that he doesn’t catch infections during the initial days after birth?
2. Who will do the baby sitting at night?
3. Is gripe water as good as suggested by the elderly?
4. Should the home remedies be followed or going by doctor’s advice would be better?
5. Will the vaccination be painful for the little child?
6. Why is the baby crying? Is it stomach ache or is it sleep?
7.  Why is the baby not gaining weight?
8. Why doesn’t he eat anything?
9. Which school would be the best?
10. What is the right age to send him to school?
The list is never ending.

The parents should understand that they should enjoy each moment with their bundle of joy. They should dissuade themselves from worrying much because with each passing day there will be a new challenge in parenting and you will handle it to the best of your abilities. So just love your child and enjoy every moment and every stage of your child’s development!!

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