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Games For Little Kids

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Playing games is the most fun way of learning for a child. You can either let your child play indoor games or outdoor games. Both types of games will give your child certain fantastic benefits. These games will help your child to stay physically active. It will also develop lots of necessary skills in your child. Here is everything you need to know about games for little kids.


indoor games

What Are The Importance Of Indoor Games For Little Kids?

You must allow your child to play indoor games. Games for little kids are very important. It will allow your child to gain the following advantages:

  1. Certain indoor games will boost the physical fitness of your child by encouraging him or her with certain body movements.
  2. While playing indoor games, your child will create lots of things. It will boost creativity in your child.
  3. Playing certain games such as indoor tennis or bowling can improve the hand-eye coordination of your child.
  4. It is safer for your child to play indoors rather than going outside.

Ten Indoor Games for Kids

1. Follow the leader

What You Require

  • A list of activities
  • Some space to play the game
  • A theme for the game

Game Rules

  1. You need to select the theme for the game such as physical gestures, activities or expressions.
  2. Pick a leader. It can be you or any of the children playing the game.
  3. All the children will copy the act that the leader performs

2. Pictionary

What You Require

  • A board or a paper
  • A marker or a pencil

Game Rules

  1. Write different words on small pieces of papers, fold them, and put them in a bowl.
  2. Tell your child to pick a paper and draw what word in the board and you will be the one guessing that word.

3. Indoor Bowling

What You Require

  • A flat floor as the playing area
  • Empty soda bottles or cans
  • Tennis or plastic balls
  • Marker
  • Tape
  • Spray Paint

Game Rules

  1. Create a bowling lane with the tape.
  2. Peel off the stickers of the bottle and use spray paints to colour them.
  3. Linearly arrange the bottle or give the arrangement the shape of a pyramid.
  4. Now, your child will just have to strike with the ball.

4. Pitching Coins

What You Require

  • Coins
  • Plastic cups

Game Rules

  1. Put the cup on a table.
  2. Give children 5 coins each.
  3. Ask the children to step away from the cup a little bit and toss the coins in the cup.
  4. The child that puts the highest number of coins in the cup will be the winner.

5. Balancing Beam

What You Require

  • A space with a flat floor
  • Different colours of tapes

Game Rules

  1. Stick various colours of tapes on the floor.
  2. Make a rule to walk on different colours of tapes differently.
  3. A child has to walk the entire length of the tape and if he or she falls before reaching the end, then he or she will be out of the game.

6. Freeze

What You Require

  • Some playing space
  • Music

Game Rules

  1. You have to play the music and every child will dance.
  2. Stop the music at a certain point and every child will hold the position they are in at that moment.

7. Dominoes Games For Little Kids

What You Require

  • A set of dominoes game

Game Rules

  1. Stack up the dominoes set in a pattern that your child likes.
  2. Tell your child to flip the first one in the arrangement and wait to see the others in the stack follow it.

8. Puzzle Games For Little Kids

What You Require

  • Various types of word or picture puzzles

Game Rules

  1. You will have to explain to your child that he or she will have to arrange the puzzles together to form the picture.
  2. For a younger child, you can choose a 3D puzzle and for older children, you can use word puzzles.

9. Bubble Games For Little Kids

What You Require

  • Dishwashing soap
  • Plate
  • Straw

Game Rules

  1. Pour water on a plate and add some dishwashing soap and create a frothy mixture.
  2. Tell your child to place one end of the straw in the mixture and blow from the other end to form bubbles.

10. Touch And Feel Box Games For Little Kids

What You Require

  • Different types of objects
  • A shoebox

Game Rules

  1. Cut a hole in the shoebox so that the hand of your child can go inside easily.
  2. Fill the shoebox with various types of objects.
  3. Your child will put his or her inside the box and identify objects with touch only.

What Are The Factors To Be Taken Care Of While Taking Little One For Outdoor Games?

While you decide to take your child out to play outdoor games, here are certain things you have to take care of:

  • You have to ensure that the place where you are your child will be playing is safe for your child.
  • You should avoid places where too many vehicular movements happening just beside the playing area.
  • The outdoor you choose to play with your child to be completely safe for your child to play.
  • When your child is playing with other children, you have to stay vigilant about the movement of the children and your child.

5 Outdoor Games For Little Kids

1. Hopscotch Games For Little Kids

What You Require

  • Some space to play
  • A Chalk

Game Rules

  1. Draw a hopscotch grid with the chalk. Every grid will be a specific number.
  2. Tell your child to jump on a number that you say.
  3. Start putting bigger numbers to expand the mathematical knowledge of the child.

2. Hide And Seek In The Garden Games For Little Kids

What You Require

  • A garden to play

Game Rules

  1. Ask your child to hide inside the garden.
  2. You will try to find your child in the garden.
  3. Tell your child to give you hints about his or her position.

3. Spray Painting Games For Little Kids

What You Require

  • A chart paper
  • A large paintbrush
  • A bucket of water

Game Rules

  1. Add some pain the bucket of water and dilute it.
  2. Take the paintbrush and soak some of the colour in it.
  3. Tell your child to whip the brush to it sprays pain in the paper.
  4. Do not play this game indoors as your house could get dirty.

4. Escape The Water Jet Games For Little Kids

What You Require

  • Some space in the backyard
  • A water hose

Game Rules

  1. Attach a hose with the water outlet.
  2. Tell your child to stay within a restricted area.
  3. Turn the tap on and aim the water on the child.
  4. Your child will try to escape the water by running around.

5. Prick The Soap Bubbles Games For Little Kids

What You Require

  • Soap bubble solution
  • Some playing space

Game Rules

  1. Use the soap bubble solution and a straw or gun to make lots of bubbles for your child.
  2. Tell your child to run around and prick the bubbles you make.

Finally, playing games is a wonderful way of learning things for a child. As a parent, you should encourage that. With these indoor and outdoor games, you will help your child to develop in the best possible way. However, while playing these games, you have to ensure your child’s safety as it is your priority always.

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