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Gender Identity In Toddlers

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Is your girl tomboyish or your boy girlish? You might have heard people saying that the way toddlers behave is an indication of how or what they will be in their adulthood. Perhaps, you are also worried about the same, but you should not be. In the early years of life, your toddler does not understand or know how girls or boys behave, what they wear or play with. So, whether your 21-month-old girl behaves like a boy or vice-versa let him or her enjoy it.Gender Identity in Toddlers

Celebrate your child’s interest

Until and unless your child attains the age of three or so, he or she does not understand the differences between a girl and a boy, be it apparels, interests, or behaviour. So, you should not be worried regarding gender identity until then.

This is no secret that sexuality and gender identity are two of the important aspects of child development and you cannot deny this. However, until it’s required you should not force your child to behave gender-specifically. An important inclusion – some people consider that until adolescence as well as puberty, matters related to sexual development is not an important matter, but sexual interests and behavior tend to show up when children are in their infancy phase.

Let your baby take his or her own time

When it comes to understanding traits like sexuality and gender identity, it comprises a number of things like cognitive, physical, emotional and social dimensions. However, you should never ever forget that every child is unique in his or her own way and so is his or her development. Some children develop slowly whereas some show rapid signs of development in comparison to others. So, you should keep pace with time. If you hurry, then it might affect him or her adversely.

Some parents are more bothered when their toddler boys behave more like girls, like flipping through traditions, playing with dolls, etc. They think that boyish behavior of girls can be managed, but when the same happens with boys, things might go out of control. However, this is not same for every child. Therefore, you should accept his personality as well as preferences and not pressurize him to be what you want.

Acceptance is what you need to show

Human behavior changes overtime. So, you should wait and watch, until your child attains “that” age when he or she is able to understand what is gender and how people who belong to different genders behave, look, do and wear. As a responsible parent, you should not force your girl to behave like one and same goes for your boy. It would be better if you provide your child with non-gendered toys, until and unless he or she shows interest in something specific.

Every child is special

Always remember to keep your teachings and messages subtle. Read about kids and adults in their specified roles and always maintain a balance.


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