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Harry Potter Female Characters

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The Harry Potter characters are a great source of inspiration for everyone. Everyone, especially kids, loves the movies and always try to play the characters in them. The characters portrayed by different actors and actresses are solid role models for many people in the real world. The writer J.K. Rowling has characterized every character in detail and has presented them models of inspiration for the people. The Harry Potter female characters break the rules to be fierce, smart, and brave.

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Ultimate List Of Famous Female Harry Potter Characters

Here is the list of Harry Potter female characters (you might also want to see which Harry Potter character are you):-

Hermione Granger

The much obvious Harry Potter female character, Harry Potter, is incomplete without Hermione Granger. She is a brilliant, hard-working, and ‘know-it-all’ character who comes to the rescue many times. On the one hand, she is very friendly, and on the other, she is distinctive and dominant. Though she aced every subject but struggled with Divination. She saves Harry a lot of times in many difficult situations. Her character defines the meaning of a true best friend.

Lily Potter

Lily Potter is Harry’s mother, mostly seen as a series of flashbacks. She is just humble, loyal, and an epitome of mother and her love. Harry’s character is built upon when she comes in between Voldemort’s wand and Harry. She was a great witch, without her sacrifice, the series wouldn’t have been possible. She truly is the most important Harry Potter female character who remains a strong pillar of support. And don’t forget the resemblance of Harry’s eyes with her mother!

Luna Lovegood

She was the“weird-girl” in the school of wizards and witches known for her quirky fashion. She believes in just being yourself, and those who matter will accept the way you are. Being a Ravenclaw, she is intelligent, whimsical, and kind who would do anything for her friends. Luna’s character has an underlying strength, which is why she is endeared till the end. And may more such amazing lines are witnessed through Luna’s character.

Minerva McGonagall

She is the head of Gryffindor at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry – a formidable Transfiguration professor who is tough on the outside and caring and soft from inside. She is one of the most loved Harry Potter female characters. She is strict yet compassionate about her students but does not tolerate trouble-makers. No personal life, she is a workaholic rock of Hogwarts who can also turn into a cat!

Molly Weasley:

Her character portrays strength, determination, and grit. She is a mother to Charlie, Bill, Ginny, Percy, Ron and twins George and Fred. A member of Order of the Phoenix, she emerged as a fighter and a winner.

Helena Ravenclaw

She is the GreyLady who was murdered by the lover, Bloody Baron. Her character reveals toxic masculinity. She assists Harry’s mother in the war against Lord Voldemort. She reveals the location of the Horcrux to Harry Potter in the form of a riddle. In the past, she is deceived by Lord Voldemort. However, once again, she puts al her bets in Harry Potter and hopes for the best.

Moaning Myrtle

She is a fun character to explore who appears in the locker room and sneaks in the living room. A short ghost, she wears thick glasses, has lank hair and pimples. She was killed by Serpent of Slytherin in 1943 on the orders of Tom Riddler, thus turning into a ghost.

Sybill Trelawny

Professor of divination, Sybill is a kook who is deeply connected to the spirit world. She is half-blooded witch and great-great-grand-daughter of Casandra Trelawney.

Ginny Weasley

Ginerva Molly Weasley is the only daughter amongst the seven children of Molly. She has an elite Quidditch status, the fearless one, and a pure-blood witch. She is hard determined as a rock and admires Harry Potter a lot. She is kind-hearted and brings a balance in Harry’s life. Her calm nature helps her to understand the unstable and complex emotions of Harry Potter. She acts as a stable pillar in the chaotic life of her lover.

Fleur Delacour

She is French daughter Veela witch daughter, who is a Bauxbaton champion in the Triwizard tournament. Bill Weasley is her spouse. She is loving and full of potential, unrealized by everyone. She loves her husband truly with all the love in her heart and admires him a lot.

Nymphadora Tonks

One of the most vibrant characters in Harry Potter, Nymphadora, or Dora, or just Tonks, as she is known to those closest to her, is a metamorphmagus. A metamorphmagus is a wizard or witch who can change their form according to will. Tonks hates her first name. She is an Auror, whose adorable clumsiness does not take away from her fierceness and deadliness in a fight. In the end, she stood and fought for what she believed in and protected what she loved.

Dolores Umbridge

One of the most detestable characters in the series, she is sometimes despised more than even Lord Voldemort. She is that person that everyone loves to hate and committed horrible deeds. She is a very prejudiced person, whose habit of torturing children is defeated only by her greed and ambition. Her first appearance was in the fifth book, and she certainly left scars in her wake.

Bellatrix Lestrange

Bellatrix Lestrange nee` Black is a cousin of the famous marauder and animagus, Sirius Black. She is a Death Eater, and unlike her sister Andromeda Tonks (Nymphadora’s wonderful and supportive mother), she is staunchly a member of the Dark Side. Utterly besotted with Lord Voldemort, she is also quite crazy. Literally. She also committed some of the most terrible crimes known to the magical community. She is hated and feared and considered one of the most potent and deadly villains in the series. You can also take the Harry Potter character quiz to know what Harry Potter character are you.
Expectations can both harm and benefit from different times and circumstances. Life is unpredictable, and we must be ready for every change and possibility. No doubt, this book teaches a lot about the magic of life, but until we adopt the message in our lives, the book is a failure.

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