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How To Prepare For Your Infant’s First Overnight Train Travel

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Traveling with a baby seems like a tedious task to most new mommies and daddies. This is because of the fact that you and your baby are still getting a hang of your new life. There are diapers to be changed, meals to be prepared, babies to be put to sleep, and the list goes on. This hectic schedule makes it hard for parents to plan trips and travel with their infants. However, traveling, if planned well, can be one of the most refreshing and joyful experiences for both the baby and the parents.
Infant Overnight Travel
There are various ways you could plan a trip: by road, train, bus, car or airplane. Today, we shall share with you some key points to keep in mind while traveling with your infant by train:

  1. Plan and book your tickets in advance: Getting your favorite seat, berth or compartment can be a very tricky thing, especially in India where trains are always fully booked. If you plan your trip and book your train tickets in advance, there are chances that you will most certainly get your choice of seats so that the journey is comfortable and as per your requirements.
  2. Select a short, direct route: Travelling with a baby can be tiring for both the baby and parents. This is why it is important to select the most direct route possible for your journey. Having an easy schedule will allow you to relax and refresh while in the train.
  3. Keep your schedule relaxed: Generally, people tend to overbook themselves while traveling. People select many things to do at once in a very short span of time. This makes them tired and with a baby, you need to be in your best shape possible, right? So, keep your schedule relaxed, with time to unwind and rejoice.
  4. Carry Medical Necessities along: While planning for your trip, always check if your baby’s vaccinations are on track and discuss with your child’s pediatrician in case any special medicines are required for the travel. You should ideally discuss the place of visit, weather conditions and other factors with the doctor to understand the type of emergency medicines you can carry along for yourself and the baby. It is a good practice to keep your doctor’s contact and emergency numbers handy while traveling.
  5. Time your travel as per baby’s schedule: We all know that babies have erratic schedules until they are a year old. However, keeping a track of the baby’s routine and planning the train journey around it will help you to make the travel easier. You can book tickets for a night journey so that your baby can sleep through it, in case it’s a 6-8 hour journey. Small changes in time schedules can make a huge impact on how the baby reacts to the world outside the home.
  6. Pack baby clothes separately: Pack a separate bag for baby clothes, necessary items and diaper changes within reach. You should have enough change of clothes, a warm blanket for cold weather. Carry an extra bag to keep soiled clothes separately.
  7. Pack cleaning aids and disposal bags: Babies are cute, but messy and unpredictable at the same time. This is why you should pack lots of baby wipes, a bottle of hand sanitizer and diaper disposal bags to clean up any mess your little one makes. Maintaining hygiene is very important when traveling with an infant.
  8. Carry along baby favorites: All babies have a favorite toy, charm or stuffed play toy. You should carry at least a few of them to keep your baby engaged and busy at all times. Sometimes, these toys can prove to be a distraction when babies are being cranky!
  9. Keep yourself and the baby well fed: The journey can be tiring and lead to irritability for babies and parents alike. This is why it is important to keep yourself and the baby well hydrated and well-fed during the travel. This will make sure you and the infant are fully satisfied to enjoy the journey well. A happy tummy=A happy journey!
  10. Wear comfortable clothes: This applies to both the baby and the parents. You will be carrying baggage, an infant and traveling in a train for hours and things may get quite uncomfortable at times. To avoid exhaustion, you should dress yourself and your baby in comfortable clothes to ensure ease of movement and bodily comfort. Pick up a pair of loose pajamas and T-Shirt and make your baby wear soft and breathable clothes so that she can go sleeping in them too!

Travel Tips With Infant Train
There is no reason for parents to fear traveling with an infant. A baby can add an extra fun element to the journey with its oodles of cuteness and giggles. All you need to do is plan ahead; discuss the plan with your doctor and get a go-ahead. We can assure you, everything will be fine and on track. So go ahead and start planning, you can thank us later!

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