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How To Stop A Child From Eating Soil

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How To Stop A Child From Eating Soil

How To Stop A Child From Eating Soil

Watching a child playing with soil and putting everything in the mouth is quite a natural thing. Even though the course of action from the child is natural, but it can be quite dangerous as well. The soil or the mud, which can be a favorite playing item for your child could become very dangerous because the soil contains many types of bacteria, viruses, and germs. These harmful entities can cause mayhem to your child’s health. Therefore, how to stop a child from eating soil becomes a very natural concern for the parents. So, let’s address this concern of the parents in this very article.

  • Why a Child Eats Soil?
  • What Are The Dangers Associated With Eating Soil For A Child?
  • Is There Any Positive Side Of A Child Eating Soil?
    • Cures Stomach Pain
    • Helps Digestion
    • Minerals For The Body
    • Immunity Development
    • Emphasis On Hygiene  
  • How Can A Child Be Stopped From Eating Soil?

Why a Child Eats Soil?

During the developmental phase of a child’s life, it is quite natural that he or she will be looking to explore this earth. The child will touch, feel, taste, see, and smell everything that comes under his or her vicinity. However, sometimes, the eagerness can become dangerous if the object of exploration is soil, dirt, or mud. A child eating wall paint can be a common sight for the parents. But, as the immune system of a child is very weak, he or she could quickly fall into the prey of the germs and chemicals of the object in the mouth of the child.
However, if this problem goes beyond the initial days of development, then it becomes a very big concern for the parents. A toddler eating paper and cardboard can be deemed as a normal thing but if a child in the primary school days is doing this, then it will not be acceptable by any means and could be termed as a disorder called Pica. This might happen because of the deficiency of iron, zinc, or calcium, and this deficiency might create an urge in the child to eat various non-food items.

What Are The Dangers Associated With Eating Soil For A Child?

A toddler eating sand and dirt can lead to multiple health issues related to gastrointestinal problems. Basically, these objects can block a child’s intestine and cause major health concerns. Moreover, the soil which your child might put into the mouth unknowing of the impending danger can also cause severe health concerns. Nowadays, pesticides and chemicals are used in the soil which contaminates the soil, and that creates a danger for the child. Apart from that, here are some other things that might happen to your child’s health because of eating soil:

Is There Any Positive Side Of A Child Eating Soil?

Any Positive Side Of A Child Eating Soil

Any Positive Side Of A Child Eating Soil

People tend looking only at the dark side of things. As a parent, you should be neutral. Hence, before you look for child-eating mud treatment, just think, is there any positive side of eating soil for a child?

  • Cures Stomach Pain: A substance called Kaolin is used to create medicines for stomach aches. This substance can be found in the white clay. However, too much of Kaolin will be harmful as it might cause constipation for the child.
  • Helps Digestion: Some bacteria of the soil are good for digestion. Therefore, if some of those bacteria get into the body of the child, then it will improve the digestive function.
  • Minerals For The Body: Soil is filled with minerals. Hence, hypothetically, it will supplement the need for minerals for the body to some extent.
  • Emphasis On Hygiene: Another hypothesis asserts that when the child eats soil or mud and face health issues, it will develop the much-needed sense of hygiene, which is very important.
  • Immunity Development: The immune system of the child will work in a better way if it is trained properly. Basically, it releases antibodies that fight against certain bacteria or germs. If the immunity system is not trained at a young age, then it might become the cause of various auto-immune diseases.

If you are too concerned, why does my child eat string? Then you can also have a different perception of the whole matter because, at the end of the tunnel, there has to be light. But, that does not mean you will let your child eat soil because it is very dangerous as well.

How Can A Child Be Stopped From Eating Soil?

A Child Be Stopped From Eating Soil

A Child Be Stopped From Eating Soil

Just like eating soil, one of the common concerns for the parents about their child is why does my child eat paper? Well, it is the natural tendency of a child as he or she is looking to explore the surroundings. Here are some of the things that you can do to prevent your child from doing these kinds of activities:

  • Instead of sweeping, mop the floor using any antiseptic liquid.
  • Dust your house properly so that there will be no sign of dirt in the house.
  • A toddler eating hair can be dangerous as well and so, look for the fallen hairs all around the house.
  • Keep the chipped paints away from your child.
  • Don’t allow your kids to get close to the small items like pencil, eraser, or coins that fell on in the soil.
  • Keep your backyard clean from the animal feces if you have pets.
  • In the case of potted plants, keep them away from your child’s reach.
  • Install a fence outside your garden and keep an eye on the child while he or she is playing close to the garden.
  • Keep the food items of your pet away from your child because it can cause infection.
  • Educate your child about hygiene and the importance of washing hands after playing in the mud.

As you now have a fair idea of how to stop a child from eating soil, make sure to stay vigilant whenever your child is out in the mud. If your child has eaten mud and feeling sick, then consult with a doctor immediately. Evasive measures will help a long way in proper recovery for your child from any infection due to eating soil.

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