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Is It Normal To Have A Bigger Bump During Second Pregnancy?

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Unlike your first pregnancy, you have several factors to compare your second pregnancy with. The most common feature (that differs from that of your previous pregnancy) and which attracts your attention during your second pregnancy is your pregnancy bump.
Second baby bump

  • How Big Will My Baby Bump Be The Second Time Around?
  • What Influences The Size Of My Pregnancy Bump?
  • When Should I Concerned About My Bump Size During Second Pregnancy?
  • How Can An Ultrasound Scan Help With My Bump Size?

How Big Will My Baby Bump Be The Second Time Around?

Bumps come in all shapes and sizes, and there is no one size that fits all. There is no conventional measurement for your pregnancy belly. As long as you and the unborn child have no other health issues, there is no need to be concerned about your belly size. Having a bigger belly during the second pregnancy is a common occurrence. Having a big bump doesn’t always means that the baby in the womb is bigger than normal size and vice versa. The belly size is not related to the size of the baby. For example, if you have a slim and tall body, your pregnancy bump may not look big, but can hold a big baby inside as there is more space to hide.

What Influences The Size Of My Pregnancy Bump?

There are several factors that influence the size of your pregnancy bump. Let’s analyze some of them:

  • Position of the baby in the womb: The position of the baby in the womb can determine the size of the pregnancy bump. The abdominal muscles stretch so much during the first pregnancy and hence become weaker. When you conceive for the second time, these muscles are not able to support the baby as efficiently as before. As a result, the baby drops lower in the abdomen. This position of the baby in the womb makes the pregnancy bump look bigger
  • Posture of the mother: When the mother stands, sits or moves in a lazy drooping way, the stomach muscles will become more relaxed increasing the possibility of the bigger pregnancy bump
  • Miscalculation of the conception date: One reason that makes your bump look bigger than the expected size is the mistake that could have occurred in interpreting the date you conceived. If you think you are in your 12th week when really you are going through 14th or 15th week, your bump will appear bigger to you.
    • Unlike your first pregnancy, you might be in the middle of a lot of chores during the time of your second conception. Therefore, the guess work of the period of conception can be wrong
    • If you were a nursing mother when you conceived, your periods may not have returned to its normal track. Then, predicting the conceived date correctly is almost impossible
    • Multiple pregnancies can also make your bump look bigger. If you are carrying twins or triplets (or more), your bump will push out bigger. This is as babies stretch the muscles to make enough room for them
  • Excessive amniotic fluid: A large amount of amniotic fluid will have an impact on how large the pregnancy bump appears. Even though sometimes the reason behind this condition demands the attention of your practitioner there may be some innocent reasons also behind the excessive amniotic fluid
  • Over weight while conceiving: Gaining fat around your bottom, thighs and tummy are usual during pregnancy. If you were not able to lose the extra weight that you gained during the previous pregnancy, your belly will appear big during the second pregnancy

More weight second time

When Should I Concerned About My Bump Size During Second Pregnancy?

A big baby bump can be an indication of some possible complications of the pregnancy. When your doctor doubts some possible complications he will suggest an ultra sound scan and blood tests or other tests to confirm or dismiss the doubts of the complications.

  • Polyhydramnios: Excessive quantity of the amniotic fluid. Gestational diabetes is the major medical condition that leads to polyhydramnios. Another possible reason is the fetal renal disorders that will increase the urine production of the fetus can result in excessive quantities of amniotic fluid
  • Big baby: Sometimes a big bump may mean you will have a big baby. Even though in some cases big babies runs in the family, pregnancy diabetics can also be a culprit behind the big baby

How Can An Ultrasound Scan Help With My Bump Size?

An ultra sound scan will help to find the reason behind the big bump, without make you stay in the dark for long. An ultra sound scan will help to confirm how far along the pregnancy you are. Even though the dating scans are done between the 10thand 12th weeks to get accurate results, it can be performed until the 20th week.
The scan can confirm whether the big bump is due to multiple pregnancies or due to a large quantity of amniotic fluid or due to any other complications.

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