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Is Valerian Root Safe During Pregnancy?

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Having sleepless nights is a common symptom during pregnancy due to the increasing weight, anxiety, and several other reasons. This is the time when pregnant ladies are not too keen to take any sort of medication. Pregnancy is a time when the ladies are given many medicines for iron, folate, vitamin, etc., and any further medicines for treating sleep issues can further create difficulties for both the mother and the baby. Thus, it becomes important to look for more options for the treatment and even the use of certain herbs for the cure.
The Valerian root is one of the herbs that is used for the treatment of sleep disorders and even nervousness. But since pregnancy is a critical phase, it is mandatory to find how safe it is to be used, what exactly it is, it’s advantages and side-effects, the safety issues one should be cautious about, and if the usage of herbal remedies is safe at this time. Let us have a look at all these one be one.

  • What Is Valerian Root?
  • Is It Safe to Use Valerian Root During Pregnancy?
  • Is It Safe To Drink Valerian Tea During Pregnancy?
  • Benefits Of Using Valerian Roots During Pregnancy
  • Side Effects of Using Valerian Root During Pregnancy:
  • Using Herbal Remedies During Pregnancy
  • Safety Issues

What Is Valerian Root?

The valerian plant is known to grow for two years or even more, so its herbs are perennial, and the root of the plant is widely used as medicines and for curing sleep disorders, for alleviating nervousness, stomach aches, anxiety fatigue, etc.
This herb is found in over 200 different types, but there is only one that is used for medicines. Its stems both underground, as well as horizontal, can be used as a component for the preparation of herbal merchandises.
This root can be found in powder form or even tinctures. It is widely consumed as a tea and is also along with other herbs as lemon balm etc.  This herb is known to conceal the decaying smell of this root.

Is It Safe to Use Valerian Root During Pregnancy?

In case one has conceived, it is advisable not to consume valerian root. As per the research, the effect of using valerian root on the baby and the mother’s health is still not known. It is better to have a doctor’s recommendation in case one wishes to use the root during pregnancy.
Some safety points while using valerian root during pregnancy are:

  • Few studies and researches have indicated that using valerian root during pregnancy has been known to lower the zinc level in the brain of the baby.
  • Valerian root is famous for easing off the problem of sleep, and while pregnancy extremegy and sleepiness is not a good sign as there are chances of falling and harming the baby. In case one has got a go-ahead from the doctor regarding its usage, it is better to be cautious with what activities are being undertaken after it, especially driving, etc.

Is It Safe To Drink Valerian Tea During Pregnancy?

Drinking herbal tea during pregnancy has its benefits. But there are some points you have to take care of. Valerian root is available in the form of powder or tinctures so that you can easily prepare tea with it. While taking valerian tea during pregnancy, remember not to drink it continually throughout the pregnancy. Also,

  • Don’t have no more than one cup a day
  • Never take it longer than six weeks at a time.

Benefits Of Using Valerian Roots During Pregnancy

Valerian root is loaded with quite a lot of potent bioactive compounds that have a relaxing, sleep-promoting, anti-inflammatory effect. It is also beneficial for a healthy heart. Thus, the valerian root is used as a cure for depression, sleep disorders, fatigue, lethargy, healthy functioning of the heart, etc. It even has some anti-inflammatory compounds and is known to offer many other benefits. Let us have a look at some of them below:

  • The usage of valerian root is known to work as a cure for people suffering from insomnia, who have Sleep Apnea, and who cannot have a deep sleep.
  • Consumption of valerian root helps to combat stress as it has magnesium that enhances the mood.
  • Valerian root is also known to increase concentration and learning.

Side Effects of Using Valerian Root During Pregnancy:

Using Valerian root is generally safe if it takes in limited quantities and does not cause harm in the majority of the cases. Yet all sorts of herbal cures like medications do have side-effects. Most of the side effects are drowsiness, giddiness, impatience, head pain, and gastric disorders. While these are some of the effects, but its usage can even interact with other drugs given and some of them are cited as under:

  • The usage of valerian root can react with some sedatives or depressants that are given for the functioning of the nervous system.
  • It can even react with anti-depressants.
  • It can react with cholesterol levels and liver enzymes.
  • It can be interfering while giving anesthesia leading to several surgical difficulties.
  • Using valerian root during pregnancy can lessen the impact of all sorts of dietary add-ons.

Using Herbal Remedies During Pregnancy

It is common to use herbal remedies through pregnancy in many cultures. Few remedies work for one, and others might not. While some of the herbal products can cause side effects, the others could work as providing relief. However, no adequate data or records are accessible for the effect of the use of herbal products through pregnancy.

Safety Issues

As per some studies and researches, there have been no unfavorable effects that have been seen by the consumption of valerian root during pregnancy, yet it is advisable to consume it only after a doctor’s recommendation. There could be several safety concerns that one needs to watch out, and some of them are listed as under:

  • It is important to find out if the herbal remedy that is being suggested is safe both for the mother as well as the baby. It is best to have a good idea regarding its benefits and the side-effects as well.
  • Herbs should be used with the same care, and attention like medicines are used through pregnancy as the usage of herbs can also lead to premature births, miscarriages, etc.
  • It is good to remember that even the herbs that are considered safe otherwise could be unsafe to be used in pregnancy.

Therefore, it is significant to know that even though valerian root helps to alleviate sleep issues, restlessness, anxiety, etc., it is best to be vigilant and not use it while one is pregnant as no reports or data has been presented regarding its effects, positive as well as negative. It is also not advisable to consume valerian root in case one wishes to conceive or is lactating.

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