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Kids Tepee Tents

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Kids are very explorative by nature and love to have their own space where they can mess around as they do not understand the concept of cleanliness at first. Kid’s tepees thus is a very good option for the same and are becoming popular as it is a good way to spend time alone, with friends or even with parents. It is not just an option for kids but all. The best part is that it can be played from inside and outside. This is the cozy corner for the child where he can relax, hide, a corner to read him short stories or even leave him with friends when they come for a play date.

tepee tent

What Is a Tepee Tent?

A tepee tent was ideally made from the skin of the animals placed on wooden poles and it differs from a playhouse, or a bed is by the smoke flaps that are right at the top. Tepees have a triangle top and rounded bottom and thereby provide the comfort of headspace.
However, due to an increase in demand, today many companies have modernized the traditional tepee tent according to different needs.
Most of the people keep the tepee tents in the interiors of the house, in the kids’ room but they can be even used for camping or can be used outdoors as well depending on the material they are made from.
Tepee tents are found in many different styles. One can look for one as per their budget and choice and further decorate it as per the child. Some of the tepee styles are given as under:

  1. Cowboy/Indian Style Tepee: One of the favorite tepees and predominantly used for boys and has a tribal theme on it.
  2. Park Ranger Style Tepee: This can be used by both boys as well as girls, can be used outdoor as well as indoor.
  3. Tepee Bohemian Style: This tepee is most likely preferred by girls and Is available in pale and soft shades and even suitable for babies as well.
  4. Modern Style Tepee: There are many types of modern tepees and with an unlimited pattern, choosing one that is liked the most is a task.

How Long Does It Take to Make A Tepee?

As per the information it takes anywhere between four to six hours for making a tepee, especially when making one by sewing the cover.

Are Tepees Safe for Toddlers?

Tepees are not only safe for babies but even for toddlers and can be used by all. The parents can choose from a wide variety of tepees, for a baby they can easily pick the baby tepees and for the boy or the girl kid, one that matches their taste and liking.

What Age Are Tepees For?

Tepees can be used for the children who are 3 years and above as it comprises of smaller pieces. Though kids of all ages can enjoy in a tepee under strict vigilance from parents and it should be ensured that the tepee is set up by the adults only.

Are Tepee Tents Good for Camping?

Tepee tents can be used for hunting as well as camping though they are expensive and equipped with s stove pipe which can go to the top.
Apart from that, there are few economic ones as well which are heavy, not too warm though cool in appearance, tall but with less floor space. There are also tents in the shape of pyramids which do not look like tepees but do not have the requisite height of the tepees, the height for tepees allows the heat to escape.

Are Tepees Waterproof and windproof?

The tepee is not thoroughly waterproof however the fabric which it is made up from is repellent to water.  You can also add on a liner so that the rain will divert out of the tipi. A properly pitched and well-designed tepee tent usually stands strong against the wind.

Things to Be Taken Care of While Letting Kids Using Tepee Tents

It is significant to get the best tepee kids for the kid that is worth the price and it is even important to keep the following pointers in mind before letting the kids use them.
Few points that should be borne in mind are:

  • Materials: It is important to figure out what material is the tepee made up of, whether it is cotton, canvas, polyester, etc. It is also crucial to keep in mind that the materials that are being used for building the tepee are safe as well as non-toxic and the frame should be made from wood material or fiberglass to give it a heavy design look.
  • Size: Keeping the age under consideration, the ideal tepee should be given to the kid to be used. Also, it should have enough space for a few friends to get in as well. It is advisable to buy a smaller size for a young child but a bigger one if must be used by many kids. Choosing a two-pole system will not only provide you “zero center obstruction” but you can also set it up fast and easily.
  • Safety: A very crucial point that cannot be missed is the safety of the child and parents should make no stones unturned. The material used for tepee must be non-toxic, not harmful for the kid as well as the frame used should be a strong one so that it does not fall and hurt the kid.

Other key features you should look into while buying a tepee tend for kids are:

  • It should be easy to set up
  • It should be suitable to use in all four seasons
  • The tepee should be made of a lighter, but durable fire-resistant material.
  • It should have air vents and window shield
  • It should have mosquito screens for the doors and windows. This will to keep the biting bugs at bay.

Thus, having the ideal tepee tents offers the perfect and personal space to the child. The only thing worth remembering is the safety, height, comfort, space, and materials of good quality. So, it is advisable to take the one that syncs to the budget, requirements, liking, need as well as the lifestyle.

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