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Know All About Weird Pregnancy Dreams

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Weird Pregnancy Dreams
If you are having strange dreams during your pregnancy, well, you have got company! There are numerous hormonal changes occurring in pregnancy making it a roller coaster ride for the mother. Many pregnant women complain of weird pregnancy dreams, which basically reflect your feelings and thoughts. All your emotions get translated into dreams and will probably change almost every day. They are mostly seen during REM stage of sleep when the brain is drowsy and slow. The duration of dreams may vary from few seconds to 30 to 35 minutes.

What Causes Pregnancy Dreams?

Your dreams weird and crazy as never before. The probable cause of pregnancy dreams are summarized as under:

  • Progesterone hormone is considered as the main causative factor responsible for emotional turbulence. The changing levels of hormones bring forth a host of dreams in expectant females
  • Experts believe that the pregnancy dreams are indicative of your fear, apprehension and excitement about the emotional and physical alterations happening in your body
  • Pregnant women have a disturbed sleep, owing to cramps, hormones, the need to pee etc., and this makes them think again and again about the changes happening – thus translating into dreams. If someone does sleep through the entire night, chances are she will remember only the last dream. But the frequent waking up makes a pregnant woman recall the dreams in all their vividity and colors
Why To I Seem To Remember Pregnancy dreams?

Expectant women tend to remember all their dreams. This recollection of dreams is related to recency or ‘the recent the first’ for example if a mother wakes up in the midst of the night and goes to the washroom as she feels urgency, she tends to remember her most recently seen dreams. If she wakes up in the morning and has a sound undisturbed sleep, she is expected to recall only her last seen dreams. She can explicitly recall the details of the dreams, color of her dreams and other minor things vividly.
Speaking about the type of dreams most of the pregnant women have reported of having dreamt about sex, huge magnificent buildings and talking animals.
Most of pregnancy dreams occur when you sail from drowsiness to mild sleep and then to REM (rapid eye movement) sleep. You dream maximum during this span and subsequently slip into deep sleep. Then you return to REM sleep and mild sleep before traversing down to deep sleep.
Pregnancy Dreams

First Trimester Pregnancy Dreams-

Following are the common weird dreams of first trimester along with their plausible interpretations:

  • Anxiety about motherhood and childbirth can make a women dream about labor, pain and complications
  • Most of the mothers after receiving confirmation about their pregnancy usually dream about a grown up or mature child because a grown up child appears safe and less frightening as compared to tenacious fragile newly born one
  • The apprehensions and anxiety of pregnancy is attributed for her dreaming about a mature child
  • Your body changes with growing baby. Some women feel happy about the changes while some are saddened by increasing weight
  • Some pregnant women dream about driving a vehicle (truck, bus, etc.) indicative about the way a woman is travelling through life during this phase of her life
  • The expectant dream also commonly dreams of water bodies such as oceans, sailing, water animals, sees herself swimming, etc. she also dreams of tadpoles and fishes. These dreams are suggestive of her awareness of increasing amniotic fluid in her uterus
Second Trimester Pregnancy Dreams

The dreams seen during second trimester usually involve lots of images. Some might dream about delivering a litter of kittens, sleeping with ex-boyfriend, or trying hard to make a sustainable gateway.
Common second trimester dreams are-

  • During second trimester, common dreams involve baby animals such as a puppy, kittens or cubs. Depending upon her mood the animals might be either lovable or threatening. What and how a pregnant woman feels about the animals depends upon her feeling at the time of dream. This reflects the inquisitiveness about the mother-baby bonding
  • With increasing pregnancy the pregnant mother sees erotic dreams. Sensuous wild dreams are very frequent during second trimester. Mothers are conscious about their changing shape and this causes them to have erotic dreams
  • Constant worries about the partner’s love and commitment is another thing commonly seen in dreams. The increasing weight and a de-shaping body keeps her perturbed and makes her consider herself a financial burden on her husband
  • Ex-boyfriends also appear frequently in dreams during the second trimester. These dreams can be wild, passionate and erotic and stem out of due to impact of pregnancy on sex life, appearance and changing body and other physical changes that a woman is conscious about. These erotic and passionate dreams simply comfort you to feel your sexiest best!
  • Sometimes a pregnant woman sees her husband having an affair with some other woman. The rising insecurity keeps her emotionally unstable and this is personified in her dreams. Many women end up dreaming that their husband is cheating on them

dreams during pregnancy

Third Trimester Pregnancy Dreams

Dreaming about the newborn, her face and her name are common to the third trimester.

  • During third trimester expectant women usually dream about having a boy or a girl depending about their likes and preferences. The pregnant woman is trying to find what would be the sex of the newborn and this covers her dreams too. Sometimes she sees herself dancing with a girl or chasing a boy in green lush meadows.These are associated with the prediction of the baby’s sex
  • With delivery time approaching near, the pregnant woman dreams about baby’s face. She even compares baby’s face with her own and finds it familiar
  • The recurring dreams make the mother confident about the sex of the baby and she is now looking for baby’s name. She dreams of having the baby in her arms and cuddling it. During waking hours, she is occupied about finding out better names for the baby. Towards the term your dreams might become more dramatic and you might see giant huge waves indicative of breaking water bag
  • Some women who are having complicated pregnancies may dream of a dead baby or having a miscarriage. Nothing suggestive though, but an indication of the pregnant woman’s apprehensions
  • Many women also dream about joy and happiness after having a baby, while some see deformed babies and are worried sick in apprehension. Women who resort to assertive reactions during their nightmares cope up better during labor and delivery, as they take control. If you do not allow yourself to be victimized, you are very likely to have a short and and easy labor
How Can I Cope with Pregnancy Dreams?
  • The best way of tackling your weird dreams is to enjoy your sometimes frightening and sometimes fascinating dream world. You can also share your weird dreams with your husband and ask him whether he too is having dreams
  • Do not hesitate in discussing them with your partner and if required consult your doctor. They can help you calm down and can give you the much needed moral support
  • Confidence in yourself is the most important thing that can empower you to cope up with pregnancy dreams or nightmares. Try to feel good and enjoy your pregnancy and prepare yourself mentally for giving birth

Pregnancy dreams depend largely upon your mental and physical state and also upon how you feel during that time span. It is very difficult to predict what kinds of dreams you are going to have? If you are a first time-mom, you might dream about giving birth to a healthy mature baby or even a grown up baby. Your dreams might also involve your anxiety about going back to work or tension about the loss of missing baby’s childhood.

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